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Nokia “Play to [Beta]” enables DLNA sharing on Symbian^3 devices

Seems DLNA was always there , just needed the right software to get activated. Like the NFC on C7 with Anna.

The Play to app is made in Qt QML with a gorgeous UI and the functionality is no less awesome. What the app does is, automatically search and connect to DLNA compatible devices over WLAN and lets you stream/share your favorite music, videos and photos with your friends.

According to Nokia beta labs, what you need is

What you need

A network with WLAN access is needed as well as a DLNA capable playing device (e.g. TV, A/V amplifier, Blu-ray player or PS3 game console). All devices including mobile must be connected to the same network.

A video demo from Beta Labs :

Hit the break for more info and known issues in this beta app.

Source BetaLabs <— Download app from here



Rockstar demonstrates Motionscan : the future of facial Capture in games

Facial capture at its best

Rockstar games have always been famous for developing expansive environments, buildings and great 3D graphics in their Grand theft auto series. Even in other games, 3D graphics was always taken up a notch, like, Crysis and Assassin’s creed are stellar examples. But facial capture for expressing emotions is always a dud when it comes to immersive story driven games ( take the Mafia series for example ). But an amazing company called Depth Analysis based in Australia have developed a facial capture technology called MotionScan. It captures the entire head , even the hairstyle and replicates the face in a 3D mesh in high resolution. This is Facial capture’s future.
Rockstar is using this technology in it’s upcoming game called L.A.Noire(releasing for Xbox360 and PS3) which is set in the 1950s based on a detective genre. Rockstar aims to use it extensively to let gamers get the facial expressions and find out if they are lying or not( since you are a detective in the game ). Hard to believe how it ll work ? Have a look at the stunning video after the break.

Via Engadget


Play Back-up Games on your PS3 [How to]

Hi fellas,i am Pramod and i am a complete GameBuff.Now say hi ­čÖé

Here is an easy-to-understand tutorial for jailbreaking your ps3 and run backed-up games onto your PS3.

First, you need to understand some basics of hacking.
The ps3 runs a firmware(FW) which might have version numbers like 3.15, 3.41, 3.42, 3.50 and so on, each having their respective security updates. So to hack your ps3, you should mandatorily have the 3.41 FW. (Just recently the 3.50 spoof has been released to support some of the latest games like assassin’s creed brotherhood and Black ops- but in essence they’re still the 3.41 FW SPOOFING the 3.50 FW). So even if you have the 3.50 FW in your ps3, pls make sure you downgrade to 3.41. As of now, i’m not giving the tutorial on downgrading, which is a process unto itself, but i will give the basic tutorial to run your own back-up games on your ps3(assumption – 3.41FW).

Read on to find out detailed steps.