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HP likely to cancel PC spin off now that Apotheker has been ousted

I am here to stay ?

Hp, recently ousted Leo Apotheker, the embattled CEO who led the company for the past year. He has been replaced with Meg Whitman, the new CEO. She had issued a statement that she will not cancel Leo’s future plans for the company.

While Meg thinks so, Digitimes, the retail channel paparazzi has heard some interesting chit chat. According to the sources, HP wants to back off from their decision to spin off their PC unit and bring back the sales. This is due to increased channel pressure. Channel partners were scared after HP’s decision to look at spinning off their PSG unit, so they looked for other PC mftrs. like Acer, who seems to be the most profitable of this change of mind. Hp is expected to ship 37-38 million notebooks in 2011, but i don’t think that will happen unless channel operators have their confidence back. Hence the rumors. So will Hp back track it’s decision ?

Meg Whitman is the only person who can answer.

Source DigiTimes

ASUS refreshes the ROG lineup, gamers rejoice

A family of beasts

ASUS, has continued to invest heavily in gaming PCs and peripherals, and that has led to the formation of the Republic Of Gamers range, called ROG. It includes crazily specced motherboards , overclocked graphic cards and boom headsets. Recently , they have brought some fresh blood into this range and that includes three Z 68 motherboards that support the new SandyBridge range of processors, two new Nvidia GTX 580 based graphic cards and a boom gaming headset.

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