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New Symbian UI , how will it look ?

After all the hustle about Nokia Microsoft partnership, it seems our dear Nokia is still committed to bringing updates, including the new UI to the major smartphone platform, Symbian.

We all got a glimpse of it at MWC, it is going to be designed in Qt QML.  While friend, Jay Montano found this photo during some Chinese presentation by Jo Harlow :

new UI

While this almost gives us an idea how it’s going to be, i wanted more and while searching through the interwebz i found this :


Symbian goes dual core and gets new UI in 2011

As promised, Nokia has now reaffirmed us through an international mobile internet conference in Beijing, that Symbian will evolve and get more user friendly.We have seen earlier how Nokia said Symbian updates would be made available to all the devices ( Symbian^3 and upward ). Have a look at the slide they presented :


Courtesy Mynokiablog

They have promised :

  • 50 new features in an update during January 2011(Includes new HTML 5 browser, split qwerty keyboard,reworked homescreen mechanics)
  • Dual core(1 Ghz) phones with extra Graphics memory( wondering what that extra’s gonna be )
  • True Zoom cameras ( optical zoom like N93 or the lossless digital zoom like on the N8 ? hmmm,a point to ponder )
  • Easier software updates ( will it include ovi app updates too ? ) and an updatable Browser.
  • Overall new Zippier UI based on Qt which might be unified with the likes of Meego ( *crosses fingers* )

And in lesser news, like i already reported, E7 is now officially being postponed to early 2011. Seriously Nokia ? Hasn’t the N8 taught you a lesson or two about announcement and shipping delays ?

Anyway,lets hope they have delayed it for the greater good.

Via Engadget, Mynokiablog

New Stage UI for froyo Dell Streak [VIDEO]

The Dell Streak a 5″ Android tablet/smartphone hybrid is currently on sale with Android 1.6 and Dell promised the new froyo for it. And it also gave us a hint that it is revamping the UI for froyo.

Its called STAGE. So, lets see how it looks :

Streaksmart explains the UI and you can find that the UI is snazzy but not so functional.Anyway lets judge AFTER it is released.

via ZOMGitsCJ