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iOS 4.2 out now

iPad Multitasking and app folders

As i had already reported earlier,the iOS 4.2 GM had caused some wifi issues in iPads so it was delayed until today.But somehow Apple has rectified it soon and thus, 4.2 for all qualified iOS devices got launched today.

So, iPad owners get multitasking and app-folders, which has been already there for the iphone 4/3gs owners with iOS 4.

Check out the PR after the break.

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iOS 4.2 GM for developers is out

As you can see, the multitasking iOS for the ipad is now finally available !! But only for developers now. It is also made available for the iphone and the ipod touch.

So ? have any iOS app developer friends ? ask them to hit this link and enjoy the latest version for your much loved apple devices.

And, if you find any changes, tell me in the comments section below.

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