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iPhone 5 coming to AT&T early october : BGR reports

This will be quick.

You might have seen “Apple is launching the next iPhone around September/October”

Now you’ll be seeing “Apple is launching the next iPhone early October”. Yes, BGR reports that the iPhone 5 is ready to launch on At&t early October. They seemed to have got a trusted source in the form of a an At&t VP who says

“Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.”

There has been too many rumors about this phone already, so i’ll refrain from commenting. Good to see they are launching as promised.

One thing i gotta say though, ” Apple, surprise me”

Source BGR

Apple iPhone 6 rumors : Round 1

Chinese whispers ?

The iPhone 5 itself is *rumored* as of now, and now, the rumors about iPhone 6 have started doing the rounds. But no, they are not that revealing. Just the modem, it’s going to be LTE it seems. iPhone 5 is supposed to be a global phone by incorporating a dual mode qualcomm chipset that includes CDMA as well as GSM.Also, iPhone 5 is *rumored* to launch only fall, many sources have confirmed this. Here’s what rumors for iPhone 6 are like :

Back in February, Qualcomm unveiled it’s next generation of chipsets, including the MDM9615. This chip will provide enhancements in modem performance, power consumption, board area and BOM expense, exactly what Apple is looking for in its devices. The 9615 will support LTE (FDD and TDD), DC-HSPA+, EV-DO Rev-B and TD-SCDMA. This single chip is likely what we will all know as the A6 processor, and will be available in late 2011, perfect timing for Apple to start testing and ready them for production.

So, are you even remotely surprised or excited ?  I think it’s the right path for the Jebus phone. LTE would really make it WiFi independent . So, let’s wait and see how true these rumors are. Gruber would like to comment on this, perhaps ?


White iPhone to launch in spring 2011 ?

Courtesy : 9 to 5 mac

Well, apple stores around U.S getting these posters like above have sprouted news that spring 2011 is the launch time for the iphone 4 in white, finally!

But, the new iphone 5 would be pending early summer.So, will you wait for the new one or get your long awaited white version of the iphone 4 ? or you gonna get that white iphone kit and get the black iphone 5 later ? ;)its upto you, fanboys. get you savings up for both.