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Epic games and id software launch EPIC games for iOS

Gaming on the iOS is never silent, day to day, they launch some great title and all of them are somewhat unique.

Now, these are not unique but EPIC. I mean i am amazed by the power of the hardware and how they have exploited it.Famous game-makers, Epic and id software have each released a game that takes advantage of the new GPU in the Apple A4. 

Id software has launched the Mutant bash TV game that s based on the awesome rage engine for iOS. Its graphically spectacular you should have a look at it. They are right now selling the standard version at 0.99 $ and the retina display version at 1.99$.Quite a steal i would say. But you know it is not a complete FPS, you are on rails and shooting zombies.

RAGE engine demo
And you all must have downloaded the epic citadel demo for iOS , right ?
Now, a game has been launched on that graphically stunning engine and it is available right now in the App store as Infinity Blade. Just have a look at this trailer and then , i would recommend, BUY iT !!