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Nokia E7 Review : Style over substance ??

First Impressions –

Recently i got to trial the E7 thanks to the kind folks at WomWorldNokia. The moment i opened the package i was greeted by a small box inside which, the big E7 resided along with other box contents, which are exactly the same as what the N8 got except for the charger which is Micro USB, not proprietary 2mm.

First feeling after i took up the E7 in hand is “Damn, it is heavy”, weighing in at a hefty 176g, this is probably the heaviest phone i have handled, ever. The design, i felt, was very premium with high quality materials used all over the body.  We are greeted by the 4 inch deep black screen (Clear black AMOLED touchscreen). When i say “deep black” i really really mean it. This is before turning on the phone, that is. And then the Symbian inauguration was followed by opening up the slide to reveal one of the USPs of this device, the well spaced four row qwerty keyboard which was a delight to type on . The slide is very reaffirming, giving us a clean snapping sound and it is quite strong, no rattles, no abrasion, it is very clean.It runs the same old symbian^3 as the N8, but it is quite optimized for its screen estate of 4 inches. Have to reiterate again that the 4 inch CBD AMOLED display is one of the best i have ever seen, right up there with the SGS2 display which is, of course splendid from what i have seen.Camera is EdoF and it is bad, i will explain why.

That’s all for the first impressions, let’s get on to the full blown review then, shall we?


Windows Phone market explosion in 2012 ? [Thoughts]

Chinese Fireworks

Recently, after Microsoft unveiled the “Mango” update, which was arguably, a software update, it released a teeny tiny interesting bit of news on the hardware side too. Am talking about the three new OEMs joining Microsoft’s party. They are Acer,Fujitsu, and behold .. ZTE, the fourth largest mobile phones manufacturer in the world !

Yes , once , and still ,majorly an infrastructure manufacturer ( like GSM equipment, routers etc. ), ZTE has joined the Windows phone ecosystem. They are already in the Android ecosystem for some years now and boy, did they make a killing ! Almost all Android phones launched by Indian pseudo-manufacturers were licensed from ZTE, like the overtly famous Micromax Andro based on the ZTE Penguin and the Dell XCD35 which was wildly popular in the U.K by the name of “Orange San Francisco” is nothing but a ZTE Blade. Impressive, no ?