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iphone 4 .Verizon .It Begins

The title is directly extracted from verizon’s website 😉 i copied it since it directly echoes the sentiment. It’s been such a long time people craved for this and now its here, the Verizon-Apple iphone 4

Available from February 10th the iphone 4 is same as the one that sells on At&t , literally the same expect to the network being CDMA and also, verizon have enabled the mobile hotspot functionality ( take that At&t ). Also it will support the 3g compliant EV-DO tech that is based on CDMA. The only gripe about the CDMA tech is you cant use data while on a call, which is easily possible on GSM-3G, anyway who browses the Internet while on a call , no ?

Price : 199 $ with 2 year contract w/ data pack for a 16 GB iphone 4 ,299 $ for the 32 GB version.

Here’s the iphone 4 landing page

If you have been living in a cave, here are iphone 4 specs .