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Nokia launches the 100 and 101 – 20 and 25 euros respectively

Here come the most affordable Nokias that the world desires and still buys in emerging markets aplenty.

The Nokia 100 is a basic color display phone with FM, made for people who look for ease of use. It has down to earth features and is very reliable. Since it’s a Nokia, battery may come for around 4 days with a single charge. Priced at 20 Euros, this phone replaces the 1208.

The Nokia 101 is a Dual SIM version of the Nokia 100 with a the addition of mp3 player and a micro SD card slot for expandable memory.It’s priced at 25 Euros.

Both the phones feature a beautiful keypad for the best texting and great radios for the basic GSM calling experience. The Dual SIM 101 can remember upto 5 SIM cards which were used with the phone. I think the remembering part means the settings related to the SIM and the contacts ? I am not sure.

Beautiful promo videos :

Source Nokia conversations

Nokia Conversations blog confirms the existence of C2 Dual sim device , tries to cheer fans

In an effort to instill confidence, the Nokia Conversations blog ( Official blog ) has published a post titled “Putting words into action”

The article details some new points about the Microsoft deal in bullet points(More on that in a separate post) and the announcements of Symbian devices X7 and E6 , signaling that they have indeed done SOMETHING and promising to do more. But the interesting part we have to note that, there are going to be more Dual-Sim mobile phones targeted to markets like the BRICs ( Brazil,Russia,India China ) and they have confirmed the existence of a specific C2 dual sim device.

Apparently Stephen has said :

Cseries mobile phones have formed a strong part of the business, he continued. Nokia shipped more than eight million C3 and X2-01 devices so far. Stephen announced that a Dual-SIM device, the Nokia C2, would also be released during the second quarter. More Dual-SIM mobile phones will follow over the rest of the year, he revealed.

The future of Nokia’s next-generation devices was also touched on.  Stephen said there’d been progress in this department and that strand of developments would “define some of the future disruptions in our market.”

So, is that the one that leaked in Hackintosh India website ? (Thanks, FoneArena) Have a look :

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