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Google chrome beta arrives | Firefox 4 fails to beat 3’s download records

Google has just announced that the Chrome 11 beta is live in it’s dev channel.Get it here now for Windows !! It’s available for Mac and linux too, respective builds : Mac, Linux . The version number is 11.0.696.16.

Most notable improvements are Voice search ( Wow speech to text capabilities like Android ) ,GPU accelerated 3-D CSS and HTML 5 . What are you waiting for ? Give it a go ! I definitely have tried it out, i find no difference, its as fast as before, do let me know your experience in comments . Also in other news, Mozilla Firefox 4 was launched yesterday and it has touched 5 million downloads in the first 24 hours, but has definitely failed to surpass or even equal Firefox 3’s impressive 8.4 million. Also, Microsoft has a cake for the mozilla team :

Why ?

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FireFox 4 RC1 out [Download it now]

Finally, after a long time in beta, i.e 8 months, it has finally graduated to a release candidate for all you Firefox fans out there. Yes, i am talking about Firefox 4 🙂

Firefox 4 RC1

It features a new interface, an improved javascript engine and lots of new features that you may want to try out.It’s not yet available on the Mozilla website. If you want to test drive it right away, click here for the FTP link and enter the server as a guest, choose your OS version ,the language and download it  🙂


Fring introduces DVQ

Calling it video call breakthrough, Fring today has announced a new feature in its awesome IM/video calling application, called DVQ.


Dynamic video quality


DVQ, is Dynamic video quality which adapts the audio/video quality according to the bandwidth available in your network. It intelligently varies the bitrate of the video and audio so that you don’t get any stuttering wherever you are. So, you get good video calling even if you are in your basement.

Grab it in the app store and for android.

Watch a video of an iphone developer demo’ing the DVQ :

Hit the Read more for the PR.