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Microsoft poaches WebOS devs with free WP7 phones and tools

WebOS devs are endangered species after yesterday’s shocker and as usual, MS’ Brandon watson, who usually promotes Windows phones very differently ( like offering celebs and internet personalities free Windows phones to try out, posting his phone number on twitter for devs and spammers ) has offered any published webOS dev to take a WP7 ride.

AllthingsD reports that Brandon, sr. director of windows phone had tweeted :

I am sure there are many webOS devs who would be interested to join the Windows phone platform and the key driving force for them would be the free phones and tools, hehe jus kidding.

Windows phone already has more than 25k apps in the marketplace now and is growing faster than AppStore or the Android market in it’s first year. And now that Nokia is coming into the mix, it should get much better and webOS devs can’t get a better offer than this.