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Bing and Baidu announce search deal

Another Microsoft news, and a big one ! Microsoft’s search solution “Bing” has inked a deal with the Chinese government run search giant Baidu.

Take that GOOGLE !!

The deal states that Baidu will incorporate Bing’s english results in it’s search engine, and of course MS will get paid for that, by naturally gaining/sharing nearly 3/4th of the chinese market share. You know why this is huge ? Because it’s China ! We all know how it went for Google, with great backlash from the government regarding strict rules for content. But it still holds 19.6 % mkt. share while Bing is no where to be seen. So, good thing for Microsoft that it could ink a deal with the government . Seems it’s a deal week at Redmond.

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Nokia – Microsoft seal the deal | Q1 results out

The deal is sealed , no more doubts , no more ifs, buts. Windows phone will ship on Nokia devices and Nokia’s strongholds like Navigation, operator partnerships.. etc will be used in all Windows phone devices , thereby adding muscle to the “Third ecosystem”. And both parties have agreed to pay in the big B’s for each other’s contributions. For us users, the deal is : we may expect a Nokia Windows phone late 2011 , but definitely they ship in volumes in 2012. Apparently Nokia and Microsoft are working together right *now* on a portfolio of models with a 4 year timeframe, which is my guess , is the transition period from Symbian to Windows Phone.

Here’s a video of the deal’s summary ( Pretty boring, if you ask me ) :

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