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Nokia launches the 100 and 101 – 20 and 25 euros respectively

Here come the most affordable Nokias that the world desires and still buys in emerging markets aplenty.

The Nokia 100 is a basic color display phone with FM, made for people who look for ease of use. It has down to earth features and is very reliable. Since it’s a Nokia, battery may come for around 4 days with a single charge. Priced at 20 Euros, this phone replaces the 1208.

The Nokia 101 is a Dual SIM version of the Nokia 100 with a the addition of mp3 player and a micro SD card slot for expandable memory.It’s priced at 25 Euros.

Both the phones feature a beautiful keypad for the best texting and great radios for the basic GSM calling experience. The Dual SIM 101 can remember upto 5 SIM cards which were used with the phone. I think the remembering part means the settings related to the SIM and the contacts ? I am not sure.

Beautiful promo videos :

Source Nokia conversations

Nokia X1-00 launched | Made for India ? [Rs.2,190/-]

Today, as an offensive step forward, the Nokia X1-00 has been launched to combat the clones and other Chinese phones that seem to be a rage in the low end spectrum of devices in Emerging markets like China, India and other African countries.What this device has –

  • Most probably the loudest Speakers in a mobile phone ( 106 phons )
  • Excellent battery life ( 61 days standby time )
  • Mp3/FM player (w/ dedicated music keys) that outputs through 3.5mm jack(headphones or any speaker) as well as the LOUD speaker.
  • micro SD expandable upto 16 GB ( Storage aplenty ) and data transfer through micro USB port.
  • Available for a dirt cheap price ( Rs.2190/- or less )

Why Nokia made this device –

Nokia had to regain some lost market share in the lower end of the mobile food chain where it was eaten up by clone manufacturers like G-Five and other Chinese manufacturers like ZTE. This model brings back the legacy of feature rich Nokia devices which used to reign the emerging markets. Seriously , for its price, it is spec- rich, it can easily rival the other brands in features and value for money.

Made for india ? :

Some key take aways from nokia’s press release include –

  • Extremely loud speakers with no distortion ( a common complaint with korean phones that are wildly sold for their loud performance in India )
  • Torch light – a nifty utility that is demanded by buyers here in India ( It is included in X1-00 )
  • Five phonebooks support ( Nokia says people would share their phone in a family –> happens widely in India )
  • Old and familiar S30 interface ( Familiar enough for all those 1208 users and legacy 1108 users –> a lot still exist in India )
  • Music is big business is India. Just take a look at the X-series branding, dedicated music keys,  the 3.5 mm jack and ample storage space if u buy a memory card of your choice. Not to forget stellar battery life, Music definitely sells here, people go crazy if they are provided the possibility to listen to their favorite filmi music on the go.
  • Priced just right ( At this price, its the cheapest X-series phone and hence it’s such a VFM option for the layman )

So i guess Nokia have taken the right track here , and i am sure this Nokia X1-00 is mainly targeted towards India. Congrats to Nokia on launching this instant block-buster phone, will it be the next Nokia 1100 ?

P.S : I have seen some buggy Series 30 phones with very bad software,so Nokia have to make this work right in terms of software, no hangs, no bugs. This is a warning i signal to Nokia.