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Google chrome beta arrives | Firefox 4 fails to beat 3’s download records

Google has just announced that the Chrome 11 beta is live in it’s dev channel.Get it here now for Windows !! It’s available for Mac and linux too, respective builds : Mac, Linux . The version number is 11.0.696.16.

Most notable improvements are Voice search ( Wow speech to text capabilities like Android ) ,GPU accelerated 3-D CSS and HTML 5 . What are you waiting for ? Give it a go ! I definitely have tried it out, i find no difference, its as fast as before, do let me know your experience in comments . Also in other news, Mozilla Firefox 4 was launched yesterday and it has touched 5 million downloads in the first 24 hours, but has definitely failed to surpass or even equal Firefox 3’s impressive 8.4 million. Also, Microsoft has a cake for the mozilla team :

Why ?

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Playbook’s browser vs. iPad’s Safari [VIDEO]

The Blackberry Playbook is in the news again and how !!

Playbook’s browser takes the Apple iPad’s safari head-on in this video, lets see who the winner is :

Well,can you see that ? the playbook actually blows the ipad out of the water in this test. The playbook continues to impress me since the announcement.2011 looks good for Blackberry since i am now sure that playbook is poised to become a success.

Read more about the playbook here , and about the SDK here.

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How to Optimize your Browsing experience on the Nokia N8 and other Symbian Devices


Thanks to mynokiablog and its tipster, i finally have a way to load heavy web pages like engadget without the browser getting hung.

Its still bad, but better than before.. Hope Nokia releases the new browser soon for Symbian.