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Froyo gains real estate in usage

Its been a month since the last usage stats(where eclair was the most used android flavor) revealed by google. Today they have revealed a very interesting stat graph for Android.Here it is

Courtesy : Gsm arena

Well, Froyo(2.2) has captured 43 % of the total android devices and has conveniently overtaken eclair(2.1), which was the most popular android flavor till now.Of course this is widely attributed to the froyo updates being dished out to hugely successful phones like Galaxy S and HTC desire. Take a look at this graph for how fast froyo has gained popularity :

Historical data

This proves froyo is the flavor preferred by manufacturers as well as consumers. The invasion of froyo was inevitable and it is going to continue its onslaught along with eclair.

For more interesting point of views visit Gsm Arena


Android style unlock app for Symbian is here

ThinkChange , the developers behind the famous nUnlock app for Symbian touch devices which mimics the iOS lock screen, are now back with another great, but this time very useful imitation, called the Maze lock which mimics the Android style pattern locking.

And there you go, symbian fans, atlast you get a decent useful and fun lock app for your touch devices, and of course it supports the latest and greatest symbian^3.

Good thing is it is available for free (not yet on the ovi store, download link below). Bad thing is, the App is facing some issues on my N8 , giving Out of memory errors and refusing to unlock the screen. So, beware, i had to reboot the phone twice cos of this.


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Install Froyo on your iPhone without a computer

Want more openness on your jailbroken iPhone 2G/3G ? Get Froyo on it and now without the need of a PC to do that !

The bootlace 2.1 application does just that. It makes the installation of Froyo on the iphone painless.Look here for the complete installation instructions. Get it done and fling your iphone in front of 2.1 Phandroids .


Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta hits the Android market

The world’s most used mobile browser is now available in the Android Market.

But alas, in beta form. But, who cares ? It has many new features for its android variant.

Have a look :

Features include Speed, Pinch-zoom,tabbed browsing..etc

So, will it replace your chrome or dolphin browser ?

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How do American smartphone users see themselves? [Graphic]


So true!!

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Angry Birds declared a Hit on Android


1 million downloads and counting



Soon after it got released on getjar on the 15th , it got lapped up by all the android users from getjar and till now it has already done more than 1 million downloads. Thats a great achievement, and not so surprising for the world’s most popular mobile game. Rovi mobile , the developers behind this game will be certainly happy.

Btw, its also available in lite version for Symbian^3 [N8] and I have been playing it for some time, and one thing i should mention, its damn addictive!! eventhough the lite version features only six levels, i feel the need of breaking my ow high score , so i play it again and again, its been a fun pass time.. And the demolition physics along with cute graphics is a delight, not to forget the funny sounds, the birds make..

Hope they release the same free version for Symbian too 🙂

Galaxy S Froyo Update now live

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Comes with froyo



As promised , Samsung have now officially started rolling out the Froyo 2.2 update for all Galaxy S devices around the world , but first starting with Nordic Countries.

Having sold nearly 5 million devices around the world,Galaxy S is undoubedtly the most popular Android device in terms of volumes.Now, lets see what the update brings to the Galaxy S :

Android 2.2 JPM for the Galaxy S reportedly adds the following:

  • Android 2.2 JIT compiler
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 compatibility
  • New Android Market with auto-updating
  • Speed improvements
  • Pinch-to-zoom homescreen flyover
  • Improved default keyboard
  • Quick links to “GPS” and “Auto rotation” toggles on notification bar added
  • Slightly different graphics and transitions with app drawer and default icon dock
  • Colored icons in settings
  • GPS Fix
  • Colored settings icons
  • Media Hub
  • Darker menu theme, navy blue color
  • Better Exchange support
  • Video records in MP4 format
  • New Search widget
  • New Gmail application

Also you can now finally install applications/games onto the memory card 😉