Did you know that the device cycle for an iPhone is refreshed every year during the Summer ? Yep, that is right. Every year, since 2007 a new iPhone is released during WWDC that happens on the months of June/July. But this time Apple chose to introduce the new model in October, why ?

First, let’s see what the new iPhone is :

It’s called iPhone 4S, we don’t know whether the “S” stands for the same speed that the “S” in iPhone 3GS stood for. But yes, the upgrade is similar, there has been no changes to the original design of the iPhone 4, it looks exactly the same. It has new hardware inside in the form of the new Apple A5 SoC that boasts a dual core A9 cortex CPU pair and a GPU that is supposedly mind blowing. Apple says “2x faster CPU and 7x faster GPU”. There’s a new camera unit too, its an eight megapixel shooter with an aperture of f2.4 and the sensor is supposedly huge, records at 1080p resolution and hey, there is a 64 GB version of the iPhone 4S too. And the modem now supports both GSM and CDMA. This is the first iPhone to launch on three carriers in the U.S and a truly global phone which can work on most GSM and CDMA networks. Other than this, there has been no change in the internal hardware or external design. Seems there is a new antenna design, but that was present already in the white iPhone 4 that released earlier this year.

When we come to the software department, the iPhone 4S runs the latest version of iOS, the iOS 5, that brought many functionality changes and new apps. Major noticeable changes include the new notifications system, and that’s it, no other look and feel changes to the UI otherwise. It brought some new apps like reminders and cards, but they have been there are third party apps for some time. Twitter integration is a welcome addition. Biggest of all additions is the voice assistant called “Siri”. Simply put, Siri can answer your questions. It can understand your commands. It’s easier for you to understand if you see this video :

Well, it’s been there on other devices for some time. Windows Phone does the same thing, Nokia has been doing this for ages, Vlingo can do these things, well almost. But it’s an Apple product, it will be much more polished than others.

Ok, now that you know what iPhone 4S is, can you think of a reason why this, “just an evolution” product was announced so late ? why ?

Did Apple make the customers wait this long for the next update, just because they could push out the last few iPhone 4 ?  Do note that the iPhone 4 is the most successful iPhone till date. Why Apple ? What was the reason ? The world wants to know. I don’t think manufacturing and fabricating the A5 takes too long, nor i think the software development took too long. What was the real reason ? And why so late for an evolutionary update ?

Apart from the iPhone, they also launched a new range of iPod nanos, cheaper and better, can be used as watches. New iPod touch with literally the same design as before but in white, has A5 of course.

What bugs me is, there is no bigger screen in iPod or iPhone, no new design for both, nothing changed visibly. Exactly the case when iPhone 3GS happened, but they did not arrive late. After all these questions, only one thing points to the reason for the late arrival, the launch with three carriers at the same time. It hasn’t happened before.  I think Verizon and Sprint played a hand in postponing the date of the iPhone 4S launch so that everybody gets the phone at a reasonable time. Remember that Verizon got the iPhone 4 only this February 2011, so they probably did not want to rush with the next iPhone cos it may hamper the astounding sales of iPhone 4.

Overall a huge #facepalm event for us geeks, who always expect something new.

Comments on: "iPhone 4S : Why all this hype for a latecomer ?" (2)

  1. Gangzz said:

    The 5th gen ipod touch doesn’t have an A5 soc, its the same old A4. Wish this post should have been in Nokia Buff 😛 Ditches Apple and praises Microkia.

  2. Wow man, what an informative blog. I also discovered how to create iPhone or iPad apps & games and hit pay dirt with it in the App Store!. It was not nearly as difficult as you would think either. Keep up the good work!

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