ASUS, today has revealed a new variant of a graphic card based on the AMD 6770 graphics chipset, which is a mid range graphics card. 

What’s special about this card is the fanless design that allows literally a zer0 dB operation. The cooling method used here is a heatsink. Dubbed the directCU method of cooling, it features a massive heat sink, that is supposedly 95% larger and 16% cooler. This card will be an option for people, who hate the whiny fan sound that usually accompanies graphics-intensive games like GTA4 or Crysis.

Other miscellaneous advantages include slightly better performance thanks to the use of super alloys, increases the performance by 15% says ASUS. The GPU is DX11 compatible, has 800 stream processors ( please do not compare with Nvidia, the architectures are different ), and 40 texture units. All this, is supported by a 128-bit memory interface and a 850Mhz clocked engine. Only concern is what the heat levels will be like, considering there is no fan on the GPU.

Crysis 2 in DX11 awaits.

Price – Rs.9750/- excluding taxes, 3 years warranty.

Read on for spec sheet and full press release.



 ASUS Releases the Coolest Passive Card in the Market

New HD 6770 DirectCU Silent graphics card offers revolutionary cooling, paving the way for 0dB silent multimedia and gaming performance


Mumbai, September 20, 2011 With the release of the new HD 6770 DirectCU Silent, ASUS has deployed the most powerful and advanced fanless graphics cards available. Running totally silent and 16%* cooler than generic passive designs, the ASUS DirectCU Silent series increases thermal performance and offers consumers a more reliable and longer lasting experience that meets every graphics need, from casual multimedia to dedicated gaming.


DirectCU Silent technology offers 95%* larger heatsinks for 16%* cooler performance

ASUS thermal engineers have developed exclusive DirectCU cooling technology, integrating direct-contact copper heat pipes that touch the GPU core for faster and more effective heat dissipation, and thus lower temperatures and better performance. Based on these principles, ASUS engineers have created the most effective 0dB silent graphics cards available. DirectCU Silent designs have been applied on the GT 430, GT 440, GTS 450 and HD 6670 previously, and now on the HD 6770 model. Through intricate material processing and intelligent molding, the heatsinks in DirectCU Silent cards offer up to 95%* larger surface area and run around 16%* cooler than conventional passive cards, resulting in more stable performance and longer lasting products. 


Super Alloy Power enhances product longevity and performance

Based on a proprietary alloy mix developed in-house by ASUS, Super Alloy Power involves filling power delivery components with a high endurance compound that can better resist heat. Super Alloy Power components lead to 15%* faster performance, a wider overclocking margin, and products that last 2.5* times longer than generic graphics cards.


Delivering cool and stable gaming performance

The DirectX® 11-compatible ASUS HD 6770 DirectCU Silent features 800 stream processors and 40 texture units, plus 1GB of GDDR5 video memory. This means it is more than able to handle HD gaming with details and effects set to medium or higher, which was unheard of with previous silent cards. The HD 6770 DirectCU Silent is therefore an excellent choice for consumers who require a quiet computing environment, and at the same time are unwilling to sacrifice potent multimedia and gaming capabilities.


Product highlights


l   ASUS DirectCU Silent graphics cards are the coolest silent choice currently available. Totally quiet 0dB passive cooling creates a hushed usage environment and runs 16%* cooler than conventional passive cards, presenting unmitigated multimedia and gaming performance.

l   The heatsink on the HD 6770 DirectCU Silent offers up to 95%* larger surface area than its respective reference design for faster heat dissipation.

l   ASUS exclusive Super Alloy Power components offer a 15%* performance boost and 2.5* longer product lifespan.

l   The HD 6770 DirectCU Silent ships with 1GB of GDDR5 video memory to handle HD gaming in high detail and with most effects turned on.


*Quoted performance figures may vary by model, system configuration and other circumstances


Some additional details about the product:

Exact product name/model number: HD 6770 DirectCU Silent Graphics Card

Price (M.R.P): Rs. 9,750/- (excluding taxes)

Contact (Company Name): ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Phone:    (91) 22 – 67668800 / 18002090365                                  


Warranty period: 3 years




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  1. Is this Laptop compatible?

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