Nokia is well known for it’s powerful slogan : Connecting people, how do they actually connect people ? Through mobile phones, of course, but that doesn’t stop there.

Social media, as we know by now, is very powerful in terms of scale and accessibility thanks to the giants like Facebook and Twitter. But the real power lies in the way it is used. Handling of any type of media is tough. Ask any of the media related persons, they would gladly attest to it. So, how does Nokia come into this picture ?

Read on to find out how i perceive Nokia as a social media brand.

If Nokia and social media come in the same sentence, you should know by now as to whom i am talking about. Yes, it’s WOMWorldNokia, a part of a social media company called 1000heads, their WOM program is sponsored by Nokia. It is a highly collaborative project from what i heard. The two companies go hand in hand when it comes to WOM marketing.

WOM means Word Of Mouth. It is usually associated with being called as a type of marketing, but the catch is, this kind of marketing is not motivated through a system or something, it’s a very natural and genuine form of feedback that goes directly to the mass through the voice of honest(most of the times) early adopters.

But how do you get early adopters to speak about your product ? This is where the talented WOMWorldNokia team shines.

They are the people responsible for making me think “i can blog too, right ?”. Now you know whom to blame for this horrible wannabe blog you are reading, heh ?

Kidding aside, this is my story of how i became what i am, now.

Ages ago, I used to collect pamphlets from Nokia partner stores in and around my area or wherever i saw a Nokia related store when i travelled, yeah i had a habit of learning the specs and features of Nokia phones way before i had access to the internet or anything of that sort. You can figure out now what internet access obviously did to me. I started reading about Nokia, some days ONLY Nokia.

While doing so, I had stumbled upon this weird looking Nokia branded site called WOMWorldNokia. My attention immediately went to the TRIAL A NOKIA button on the page. When i saw the opportunity to trial a device from Nokia, i jumped at it without thinking about my stinking blog that i used to have, i had written three posts in a year, sheesh.

Honestly i never expected any reply from them, one reason being my doubts if it was legit, and other is, i had a negative perception of Nokia, like any other big brand which refuses to reply to petty requests like these, but boy was i wrong !

There was an email from the lovely Lydia Millet (who used to work for WOM that time) in my spider-web infested gmail inbox. I dusted the cobwebs away in pure joy and came to know that they have acknowledged my request, but were little hesitant because, you know, my blog sucked.

Then, i thought, “ok this is it, i am going to write like crazy to win their trust and get my trial Nokia !” And then, i wrote two posts. It was the time of N8’s announcement, so i wrote about the N8, also a few days later, the Nokia C3 released, and i wrote about it too.

That’s it. I completely stopped writing due to various changes(I had to move to another city) in my otherwise boring personal life. I had completely forgotten about the trial device and a month passed with nothing on my mind nor my blog. I returned home.

It was the time when one mention of the N8 will make your head go dizzy, really fun times you know. Excitement levels soared so high, because i had decided that it would be my next device. So i decided to start from scratch, created this blog and started blogging initially about Nokia and sometimes trivial gadget stuff too. In a month, i clocked 41 posts. After that i decided to contact WOM again.

I dropped in my details in the ‘Trial a Nokia’ form again, and told them that Lydia would be familiar with my situation. As usual, i didn’t expect immediate response but was quietly hoping for it to arrive.

Bam! mail arrives, i kill ten kittens in excitement.

My first trial Nokia was the BH-905i, and the rest is history in the making. 🙂

The whole point of this story is “Trial a Nokia” : This initiative by WOMWorldNokia inspired me to write about Nokia, which i had done before with a very few blog posts.They gave me reason to write more.

This speaks volumes of their success. They made a nobody like me to write about Nokia and spread the word on the internet, which i had never done, although i was obsessed with Nokia to the core, and frequently talked about it and suggested it to my kin. And it DID NOT STOP THERE.

It kept on coming, one device after the other. It was not only devices, there were equally interesting contests to take part in/witness, too.

Some contests that i have participated, and admired include the stand out N8 productions ( We had to make a short 3 minute video and submit to them ) and the pocket dance contest ( We had to show off our pocket dance moves to a remix version of the Nokia tune in a video ).

There have been many things i did not participate in, they were very much fun as a spectator though. The ones that i loved very much :

  • Nokia Search for 7 — They made us search for places at which the E7 was hidden, it was too good cos it was both online as well as offline.
  • The recent cryptic N9 puzzle which made us nuts. I heard some of the folks experienced hair loss and head ache due to this contest haha.
  • The very latest contest for making a new Nokia ringtone.

There were many other spectacular things that were not contests per se. Some of them which i loved to bits were :

  • Nokia Gulp — How can ” I ” not enjoy the world’s biggest stop motion and that too from Nokia ! I go crazy at the mention of ” Stop motion photography ” It was a delight for me, and i am sure others loved it too !
  • Nokia TSN — “Try something new” They took a few bloggers and literally made them try something new for like 4-5 days. It was so awesome to see the innovative promotion for Belle, which was something new at that time.
  • Nokia Unfenced — Dressed as cowboys, bloggers experienced an unfenced ranch experience connecting with fellow bloggers and testing phones.

And finally, the one i loved the most : Nokia #FF

#FF is a twitter phenomenon called as Follow Friday. Using the hashtag #ff, one can recommend tweeps to his/her followers. This started as a tradition to pick out interesting tweeps through personal recommendations.

The #FF is quite a personal thing according to me, and guess what happened ! One evening, I was quietly reading my timeline and suddenly i noticed i got a mail, the subject read ” @Nokia is now following you on twitter ” . I pinched myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It was real, indeed. I was one of the 174 friends @Nokia followed. Excitement soared really high.

It was like India winning the overall Olympics championship. Can you imagine the excitement and joy if that happens. Apply the same to my situation. But wait, that was not it.

I got a #FF from Nokia along with two others ! This was not the first time Nokia had given #FFs. The first time ,two of my twitter pals got it, one @nkumar_ and the other being @adityasinghvi, both well respected bloggers in the Nokia community. You can read what Nitish Kumar felt when he got the #FF, here.

Always, the #FF had a pic in it, which was very creative. It made us believe they really mean it. the first #FF had a beautiful graffiti, the subsequent ones had a scrabble formation, my #FF had was a message in a bottle ( 🙂 ) , recently somebody painted their nails in the form of a #FF. Amazing right ? They go to such extents for a simple #FF.

My #FF along with two other tweeps 🙂

I was blinded by joy, and I still don’t know why I deserved this. Do you think any other brand would do any of this ? Also, you must note that the #FF is a brainchild of Nokia HQ themselves, notice the Espoo Nokia house in the background ! How fortunate can I get ?

My twitter handle is now somewhere floating in one of the Espoo lakes inside a beautiful bottle hehe.

I got this #FF when i was kinda inactive in my blog, lagged by several days/months. Missed a lot of stuff, i was even thinking of winding it down completely. But the #FF, that was a turning point, made me realize why i started this blog and why i should not let the passion go. This dose of inspiration and “pat on the back” is what really counts, and definitely makes the brand Nokia, more human.

If it were not for them :

  • I wouldn’t be a blogger
  • I wouldn’t have newly met with amazing people i befriended on twitter, first
  • I wouldn’t have joined twitter in the first place hehe
  • I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to trial some fantastic devices
  • the list goes on ( hint : i am very sleepy right now )

A big kudos to every one at WOMWorldNokia for making this awesome effort, including the people i came to know on twitter(Follow them, they are lovely people) :

I am sure that i know only a very small part of their huge and hardworking team. Would love to know more of them and may be one day, i would be there in person to shake their hands and appreciate them for being such great people to talk to.

You know what is so Nokia about them ? Like their parent company, they too connect people. The Nokia bloggers are a vibrant community, i heartfully thank them for connecting me to that community on twitter. I really mean it, i have met some wonderful people and they have become my very good friends.

Finally, my biggest thanks to the WOMWorldNokia team for EVERYTHING, this post is my #FF to you !!

Comments on: "Nokia and social media : my perspective, my journey" (11)

  1. What an awesome, awesome blog post. So glad you’re enjoying being a part of the WW/N community my friend.

    Long may it continue! 🙂

  2. Hello James, thanks for the comment ! I am flattered 🙂

    I am glad to be part of the greatest community in the world 🙂

  3. Hey friend,
    I totally relate to your post. We had our family travel blog, but when WOMworld (namely Lydia, then Katie) invited me to trial Nokias, I also began blogging about tech, and can’t stop! Decided to create a separate tech blog, which now has a new name.
    Great post, love the detail.

    See ya on Twitter!
    @JGotPassport, and now @mygeekgarage

  4. Happy to hear such positive feedback! We really put our hearts and minds into the #FFs and try to make them as inspiring as possible. And by the way, your bottle is floating somewhere in the Baltic Sea so it could end up quite far 🙂

  5. Very nice post mate… My story is somewhat similar. I just started blogging with this reasons. Hoping to be a good and well know blogger one day. 🙂

  6. […] with work getting higher priority, so i was hard at thinking what to do, then this happened – Some thing spurred me to write a post about how i started writing about Nokia, and them everything dawned. I am absolutely a hard core Nokia fan because i have used Nokia phones […]

  7. Grammar Nazi said:

    Hey idiot, the correct usage is “I” not “i.” And yes, the “.” does go inside the quotation marks. Learn english before you “blog.”

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