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Pama Plug n Go Power Portable Charger – The best travel mate for your phone [Review]

Since i started using smartphones ( my first being the Nokia 5320 ), i have always faced one big problem while traveling long distances, the battery drains too soon. It can be attributed to various factors like constant hunting for signals, continuous music playback .. etc.

I travel mostly by train here, in India. The travel usually lasts more than 10 hours, so my companion, when bored, is music,games and movies. Till now, i have always depleted a full charge in my phone while on travel. I was preparing for another journey and this time i had an iPod for company along with my phone. So, i was looking for a complete solution and MobileFun had this :

This is the Pama Plug n Go Power portable charger.

What is this exactly ?

To put it simply, this is a portable battery that can charge devices. You can correlate this to the UPS of desktop PCs, but portable. If you can’t comprehend what BS i am blabbering, read on ! 😉