See what i did there ? πŸ˜‰

Samsung recently shouted out their boring change in naming convention, which i honestly found to be lame, much lamer than what Nokia did with theirs. Samsung wanted to name their new Galaxy range of Android devices like this –

Thanks GSMArena

So, where does Wave series fit in ? Read on to find out about the new Wave devices –

The devices are (from left to right ) Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y. Except Wave 3 , the other two conform to the new naming conventions – M ( Magical Mid range πŸ˜› ) and Y ( Young entry level ). They seem to have the same Touchwiz layer as the Galaxy devices, good move from Samsung trying to distinguish themselves from other me-too manufacturers by using the awesome and fantastic Touchwiz UI on all their devices #sarcasm.

Specs of these three devices are –

Soon to be launched in India, the prices are yet to be announced. They will be showcased to the press at IFA Berlin.

Here’s a video showing the new features of the updated Bada OS 2.0 –

I am sure these will sell more than Windows Phones, again. Look at the specs and their predecessors’ prices, you ll know why.

Via FoneArena and GSMArena

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