I woke up to this news today morning. It’s not shocking because i have been expecting this announcement since he fell ill recently, but “still” i felt sad that the most wonderful voice of Apple’s famous keynotes will be missing in the future.

Apparently Jobs felt that he is not meeting duties of his position as the CEO and hence resigned. COO Tim Cook, the mastermind behind the supply chain revival for Apple, has been made the CEO. He was the interim CEO when Jobs was on medical leave. I have no more to add for now, but the blogosphere has been abuzz with a LOT of posts on Jobs’ resignation and what it means, do give them a read –

Source – NYtimes

Text of Jobs’ resignation letter

GigaOm’s Om Malik’s emotional piece on Jobs

What happens next at apple ? — AllthingsD

Walt Mossberg on Jobs’ resignation — End of an extraordinary era

Who all will run the show at Apple now — Business Insider

Why did Jobs recommend Tim Cook over Jonathan Ive or Scott Forstall ? — Quora

John Gruber on Jobs’ resignation — Daring fireball

Who is Tim Cook ? — The Verge

Jobs to remain closely involved in Apple’s product strategies — Macrumors

A lot of Jobs’ Keynote videos

Comments on: "Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple, to remain as chairman of the board | Tim cook made CEO" (2)

  1. Is this something expected? What will happen to iPhone5, 6 etc.,

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