Mail has always been criticized on all the Symbian devices, except of course the E-series devices which always used to have great push support through Nokia messaging.

For the first time ever, after starting to use unlimited data connection on my phone, i decided to start using push mail for my commonly used Gmail account but couldn’t figure out how. So, the upcoming illustration will help you configure Exchange active sync on your Symbian 3 device for Google mail, likewise you can add your corporate mail too.

Read on.

How traditional mobile mail works :

Keeps a constant data connection with frequent refresh at an interval of minimum 5 minutes. This mode may also be called as *pulling* the mail from the server.

How ActiveSync works :

I will try to explain in an easy-to-understand manner. You need a constant data connection to the exchange server, with this connection the mail folders on your phone are continuously monitored, with very minimal data transactions. Once a new mail arrives on the server mail folder, it *pushes* the mail to the appropriate folder within seconds or sometimes even milliseconds. You can keep sync with calendar events and contacts too.

Now, the tutorial –

Step 1 : Choose Exchange ActiveSync from the menu that opens up after create mailbox option in Mail application.

Mail application ---> Create mailbox

Step 2 : Enter the mail address of your choice, if it’s gmail then enter like the picture below. You can use Gmail accounts for activesync and it can act as push mail for your personal accounts.

Fill the email,password and the username. Leave the domain field blank in case of gmail.

Step 3 : When it asks for server, enter the server name in the field. For gmail its

Update : You can use this method for Google apps accounts too, Just use your and give username the same as your custom email address. Rest of the settings are as is. ( Thanks @ltomuta )

And you are done ! Push mail is now active on your device !

Some more screens from setup :

Choose whatever necessary or none at all

Note the sync button in the bottom menubar


Comments on: "Configure push mail using Exchange ActiveSync on your Symbian^3 device [How to]" (8)

  1. Yousef Al Abbadi said:

    How do I get this Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync ?!!

  2. michael rox said:

    does it require internet connection all the time? or it will just connect to net if there is mail coming?

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