You must have read everywhere that HP has dropped it’s hardware business with respect to it’s webOS strategy. We can call it a huge slaughter and a major no confidence move for the likes of HP. And stocks reacted in a negative trend, obviously.

Now, HP is supposed to have sent an internal memo to it’s channel partners mentioning

HP will be lowering the price of the TouchPad beginning Saturday 8/20/11. This is the lowest price ever for the TouchPad so please post it as soon as it goes live.

16GB TouchPad- $99; 32GB TouchPad – $149

Leo Apotheker would have probably ordered : “Fire off the sales !” and they have done the same.

The tablet which is supposedly decent after the latest software update is by all means, the most attractive option at 99$ ! I mean, it totally undercuts every friggin tablet in the wild that offers nothing at 99$. But, this is of course the process of liquidation of stagnant stock.

” Forget the margins, just push out these damn bricks so that the retailers get some cut ”

 Already, it’s started to fly off the shelves of Best buy and walmart. So, what are you waiting for ? 99$ is too good a price to miss, get it if you are in the U.S. For the rest of us, we can wait till it hits eBay at a bit higher price.

Source PreCentral


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