File this under coming soon, uh, i mean like, in a year or so.

Qualcomm recently went for a rebranding of it’s range of System-on-Chip solutions. They are categorized as –

S1 – Mass market Smartphones ( 1 Ghz , Adreno 200 )

S2 – high performance smartphones and tablets ( 1.5 Ghz Single core plus Adreno 205 )

S3 – Multitasking and advanced gaming ( Dual core 1.5 Ghz plus Adreno 220 with stereoscopic 3D )

They have hinted on the next iteration today, that is —

S4 – Read on to find out what Qualcomm has to say –

2.5 GHZ !! :-O

Coming Soon: Snapdragon S4—Next Generation Devices

The Snapdragon S4 class will include the newest generation of Snapdragon processors and will feature a new CPU microarchitecture and integrated 3G/LTE multimode. The S4 will stay true to its roots by delivering exceptional battery power—a 65% decrease in power consumption, yet at the same time boost performance by 150%. This combo is going to create mobile products that offer graphics that are comparable to current gaming consoles.

You’re also going to see Snapdragon S4 processors in new form factors and running a full blown desktop operating system. We’re currently working with Microsoft so the S4 can run the next version of Windows—Windows 8.

Stay tuned for big things. Or should we say small things?

Well, it was already clear that Qualcomm will supply SoCs for Windows 8 tablets/PCs but this is the first time we have actually seen any information on what the SoC s gonna be. We now know that it’s gonna be much powerful ( + 150% ) and have very less power consumption ( -65% ). And they are promising graphics processing power of current gaming consoles. This may be the apt competitor to kal El, which incidentally will support Windows 8 too.

Source Qualcomm


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