Microsoft showed off the Windows 8, the next generation of the operating system. A great step towards the touch centric interface has bought Microsoft laurels as well as some criticism in how it has tried to keep the legacy too in the mix. More on that in a separate post.

I now present to you, an overload of visual information on Windows 8. Various demos, some might be repititive, but they are all worthy enough. I just can’t stop looking at the gorgeous UI. First up, Microsoft’s own demo

A detailed 9 minute demo :

Demo at D9(All things D) :

Various OEMs shown off :

Nvidia TEGRA 3 :

Qualcomm :


Sources : Various Youtube channels 😉

Comments on: "Windows 8 : Video overload" (2)

  1. Nice videos.waiting for windows 8 for a long time.

  2. […] Have you seen the tablet demos of Windows 8 ? We are yet to see more demos of those kinda interfaces that suits touch. Hoping there is much more to Windows 8 than this Ribbon interface.  […]

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