Seems DLNA was always there , just needed the right software to get activated. Like the NFC on C7 with Anna.

The Play to app is made in Qt QML with a gorgeous UI and the functionality is no less awesome. What the app does is, automatically search and connect to DLNA compatible devices over WLAN and lets you stream/share your favorite music, videos and photos with your friends.

According to Nokia beta labs, what you need is

What you need

A network with WLAN access is needed as well as a DLNA capable playing device (e.g. TV, A/V amplifier, Blu-ray player or PS3 game console). All devices including mobile must be connected to the same network.

A video demo from Beta Labs :

Hit the break for more info and known issues in this beta app.

Source BetaLabs <— Download app from here


Setup when using the Play To application:

  • If you have your home WLAN configured all you need to do is start the application – it automatically launches WLAN and connects to your WLAN
  • If you have several available WLAN access points configured check before opening Play To that you are connected to the right WLAN
  • The dlna device you use for playing the media needs to be connected to the same network. It can be connected either by LAN cable or wirelessly if it has its own WLAN access.

Setup when browsing media from the phone with a dlna player:

  • Go to Setting…Connectivity… Check that you are connected to right WLAN network. If not, do that from the WLAN settings. When connected continue to Media server… Share content and set it to “On“. Now the phones media server is visible in the current WLAN
  • You do not need to start the Play To application
  • Use your player device’s user interface to browse the photos/videos/music in your phone. Refer to the player’s user manual for more detailed instructions
  • When you want that your media content is no longer visible just set the Media server… Share content… to “Off”. The server is also automatically shut down when WLAN is changed, lost or turned off.


  • There’s a “Now playing” shortcut in the toolbar for quick access to last played media item.
  • Tap the sharing indicator any time to stop sharing any media.
  • Playing DRM content is not possible with Nokia Play To
  • The application displays only self captured videos by default. There’s an option in connectivity settings Setting…Connectivity…Media server… Video support to have all your video content available in Play To. You need to restart the application before the change takes effect. NOTE!: it depends on your player device which video formats it can play.
  • Windows 7 users: in Windows Media Player activate from menu Stream -> Allow remote control of my Player and Allow remote control on this network

Known issues:

  • The user interface look and feel is not finalized
  • Video format (Video capture in 720p 25 fps with codecs H.264, MPEG-4) used in Nokia S^3 products’ self-captured videos is not supported in all DLNA TVs
  • There is some delay depending on the video’s size and the player device (up to minutes with large videos)

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