First of all, apologies for being out of posts since, i don’t know, a month ? Well, that’s attributed to many factors that forced me to access internet on mobile connections only.  Now i am back. yay !

Ok, let’s talk about the new hipster fruit in town, “Mango” . It finally got officially launched on May 24th by Microsoft at a VIP event in NYC. One of the many new features ( 500, they say ) , is the inclusion of turn-by-turn Navigation, which, Nokia users are used to, since N95.

Turn by Turn Navigation - Bing !

The implementation is nowhere near the stellar navigation in Ovi maps, actually it reminds me of the good old Google maps navigation, which didn’t have voice guidance, while Bing maps has it, and the lady is rude, yo !

Now, the video after the break.

Well, at least it has voice guidance. But, of course Nokia maps is invading the Windows Phone ecosystem soon. Let’s wait for it then !

Also, Nokia has said that it will ship it’s first windows phones with Mango, but will it have Nokia maps or Bing maps with the not-so-cool navigation ? Anyway good luck , Microkia !

Via WPCentral

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