The modders never take a break, do they ?

After the advent of common platforms like OMAP and Snapdragon being used across many OSes , there have been many accounts of phones dual booting different OSes. It all started with the N900, the HTC HD2 and some other devices. Now, the Pre gets itself added to that list, thanks to a talented modder by the name of K7dar3 from the PreCentral forums.

Apparently the hack is a no-frills AOSP ( Android open source project ) Which allows you to dual boot Android(am guessing gingerbread) very easily on a Pre. And the best thing is, people say it’s very non destructive, i,e nothing happens to the original WebOS. So, you can try if you want. head on to the PreCentral forums for a good know-how and they have safe warnings too.The hack is not a full featured one, i.e Android does not work that well, but , hey , this is quite an accomplishment !

Hit the read more for a side facing video demo of Android on the Pre.

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