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Droid X2 to be dual core ? Video says so !

Someone named AndroidBandit has uploaded a video that supposedly shows Droid X2 booting up and the juicy stuff is, the boot screen says it’s dual core !

Motorola mobility has already doled out two dual core devices namely the Atrix 4g and the Xoom, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. And definitely , this must run the same Tegra 2 chip that is present in the latter two devices. The guy in this video apparently has a proto, so it kind of lags, but please, don’t start shouting “lagdroid obviously lags” 😉

the stuff:


Windows Phone Mango demoed [Video]

Here’s some of the cool stuff that was demoed earlier at Mix’11 vegas. Head of software WP, Joe Belfiore ( the same guy who demoed mango at MWC ) shows us much more cool stuff that comes with mango. And it’s very interesting to look at because, this version of the Windows Phone is THE flavor that might hit Nokia windows phone devices.

Really cool stuff ! mainly during the demo of the Qantas App. Have a look !

FYI, Mango should be coming by fall.