The first touch and type phone from Nokia , the X3-02 has been the main phone for me ,the past few days and i am mighty impressed !

This phone comes in the X series range of Nokia devices which are traditionally known as the XpressMusic devices, that always come with stellar music capabilities. X3-02 is a huge nod to that legacy. Mainly aimed at youngsters looking for a premium-looking music device with a wide range of connectivity options, X3-02 delivers and delivers strongly.

XpressMusic ?

My first impressions :

Great build quality, very sleek and light , excellent music capabilities (for ex : loudspeaker is loud,crisp and clear, headphones perform great) very decent camera ( i mean it in a positive way, of course ). Software (S40 6th edition) is decent, but really needs multitasking capabilities and good social networking clients. Ovi store was good to use but apps were scarce. Keypad needs getting used to, due to the weird layout.That’s it for my impressions, read on for the unboxing video and some really close up snaps of the device.

First thing we all do, after we get a new toy to play with, is , of course, unbox it . So, here is the video that shows what the box contains.

A quick round up of the X3-02 specs :

  • A Hybrid candybar formfactor with a touch screen AND a t9 keypad for input. No softkeys, no d-pad.
  • 2.4 inch 240×320 LCD screen with a resistive touch layer
  • 5 megapixel eDoF camera with VGA video recording at 18 fps
  • Connectivity : GSM 3g, wifi , bluetooth, micro USB ( Data transfer,USB OTG and charging )
  • Thickness : 9.6mm, Weighs 77g
  • 2 GB memory card included in phone, battery power is 860 mAH

Now for the Close-up photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

A full view from below

The 4 row keypad

The weird placement of *,0 and # keys

Below the keys you see a button that is used to remove the back battery cover which looks like this :

Brushed aluminium battery cover with etched branding

The 5.0 MP camera posing

The Lock key and the Volume rocker

Branding differs in the same device 😦

Sigh ! What should i call this device ? X3 or X3-02 ?

Proximity sensor

From left to right : 2 mm charging,Micro USB,3.5 mm headphone jack

The messaging and music shortcut keys

Golf ball textured bottom with an opening for the loudspeaker

If you have ANY doubts about this device, do drop them at the comments section, i would be very happy to answer every one of them.

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