After the much delayed launch, the Nokia E7 is going to be finally available for pre-booking(March 2,2011). Early adopters rejoice 🙂

click for total coverage of E7.

This info is coming directly from a Nokia Priority Partner from where i bought the Nokia N8.While quizzing him more i got to know that 12th March is supposedly the launch date for E7 ( *crosses fingers* ) hopefully ! And when asked about the price, he said it might be around 30 – 32,ooo Rs/- in Indian money.Pretty hefty price if you ask me.

He had a demo unit at hand and i was able to experience some hardware action. Extremely well crafted device, feels much better than the N8, Display is big and gorgeous, hardware qwerty was excellent. Software wise its almost the same as N8 , not much differentiation. Only striking difference between E7 and N8 was the display, and the hardware qwerty and design, not to forget the hinge action,which was very sturdy and greatly built.The snap was reaffirming.

Other phone prices you might be interested in :

Nokia C7Rs.17,950 /-

Nokia C6-01Rs.15,900/-

Nokia X2-01Rs.3,900 /-

All these rates are respective to Chennai Region.


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