Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01 is a low-mid range qwerty device for the masses,that comes with a very attractive price tag(Currently retailing at around Rs.3,800/-). I have been using this as the main phone for a few days and so, i wanna let you know my initial impressions of this device.Before that, you should get to know about the device right ? Read on to find out more pics and my impressions.

As i said earlier, its a low-mid range device, so we should not expect much, but anyway here are the specs :

  • 2.4 inch QVGA display (320×240) in landscape orientation
  • QWERTY keyboard with shortcuts for music and messaging, and a d-pad of course
  • 30 MB phone memory with Micro SD card slot expandable upto 8 GB
  • Connectivity : Micro USB for data transfer,EDGE for Internet connectivity,FM radio and Bluetooth 2.1
  • VGA camera (640×480) for stills, and records video in QVGA at 24 fps
  • Runs the S40 V6 operating system that’s been spruced up to include home screen widgets et al

Now onto my impressions in parts :

Looks. I gotta hand it down to the design team, they have made a very attractive device. The white-silver version i got for review is gorgeous, the back plate you see in the picture above is actually plastic but looks like aluminum, and feel is pretty premium too.

The back is kinda curved and so, the hold you get on this light device (weighs just 107g) is perfect and never slips from your hand. For me, this has been the most comfortable device in hand. Overall very nice looks and definitely brought many on-lookers, everybody wanted to have a closer look at it, hehe.

The QWERTY keyboard on the device is excellent, it needs some getting used-to for big handed people like me, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze to type on the device. Actually, i was happier to send sms in this device , whereas i am very reluctant to do the same, on my N8. Only gripe was the space bar, being positioned nice and all, my unit weirdly had a two step push, i.e two clicks for one push, was irritating when i tried to type fast, it stopped my flow, but i managed to press it softer so that it would give only one click. Overall i liked the typing experience very much, honestly better than what was on the E5.

The VGA camera is very poor, literally it was unusable in any lighting condition, not even for a casual snap. Has dead pixels and is obviously full focus.But video seemed fine with smooth framerate at 320×240 resolution, bitrate was on the lower side, but what the heck, it’s a cheap phone. The speaker is pretty loud with no distortions whatsoever, and quality is easily one of the best for a low end device. you won’t get the loudness of a micromax or a g-five but you will get enough of loudness in high quality of course.

The Software was nostalgic for me, it took me back to the college days when i used to own a Nokia 5300 xpressmusic. The experience just got augmented by some nice theming, ovi store, some apps(mail,communities and chat) and of course, the very usable Homescreen widgets. I will talk more software in my full review of this device.

Now, for some shots of the Box and it’s contents. FYI, the battery was in the device when i shot this gallery using the N8. (In fact all the photos in this post are taken using the Nokia N8)

The X-series branding and hence the Red-black on the front

Nokia's Ovi mail and Chat supported out of the box

Two model numbers in one box 😀

sleeping in the box cradle

Life Tools

Basic stereo HeadPhones with mic and a click button

Standard Charger (2 mm)

Different Colours that are available

Services supported out-of-the-box

Spec summary and box contents

User Manual and Thank you card

This phone is surely aimed at youngsters who want a data non-intensive, messaging phone with a good amount of casual social networking thrown in.Add in some rocking styling and branding, you have a perfect recipe for mass consumption. And this is what Nokia has exactly done. More deeper findings coming up in the review, stay tuned.

So, are you interested in this phone ? Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or doubts.

Comments on: "Nokia X2-01 : My first impressions [w/ Box gallery]" (18)

  1. Kishore said:

    Hey.. This is one of the extensive review I found on the internet. And you explained it well with some great pictures. Please keep writing awesome review like this 🙂 Congrats!!

    One small help – I’m looking to buy the silver version of this mobile in Chennai but its hard to find. Stores have only red or graphite one. Could you please tell me where you bought this? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Thanks for ur kind words.. 🙂

      If you are looking for all colours, its best that you go to a Nokia Priority dealer.. i know one in Arya Gowda Road, West Mambalam ph : 044-42614433

      U can inquire there..

  2. Kishore said:

    Two doubts I have :

    1) Does this mobile support full screen caller id? (photo)
    2) Does it support smilies is sms like other s40 6th ed devices?

    • 1) Nope Full screen caller id doesnt work.. although, there is support for adding photos to contacts and they appear as a thumbnail, not fullscreen.

      2) Yes, Smilies support is there, you have to press the sym button on the keyboard to bring them up.

  3. Kishore said:

    Hi gadgetbuff, thanks for clarifying my doubts.

    I usually follow many blogs for reading mobile reviews. Since this is a very basic phone (dumb phone as they call), many sites have skipped the reviews. Yours was only among very few which had detailed review. Also the images were so clear. Hoping to see many reviews like this in future. ‘ll follow your blog to read them. 🙂

    • Thanks again Kishore, this is just an impressions post, big review is coming up with lots more pics and videos 🙂

      Stay tuned…

      Also take a look at the blog roll for more links to gadget blogs.

  4. Kishore said:

    As per gsmarena, this mobile has generated 35% interest in their site (the only device to do so in less than $100 range) but when i searched youtube there are no great review videos, expect one or two and few in foreign languages. So if you create a review video, it’ll be helpful for many people, in the mass market like India who are waiting for an alternative for micromax qwertys.

    Wishes on your review. Thanks.

    • Thank u very much sir, for your feedback, video review is coming for sure and i ll make sure it suits our Indian Audience 🙂

  5. nguyen anh thu said:

    thanks so much for this review. i’ve been searching photos of white version of this phone and luckily i found ur website. very nice photos! keep it up

    • Thank you 🙂 it would be great if you spread the word around , also look forward to more in-depth review of this device 🙂

  6. Some of extremely impressive pictures here, which camera you using for the closeups? nokia n8?

  7. Hey, ur info abt the phone is good could u tell more about the security ..
    Is it possible to lock oly the inbox for personal issues?

  8. Hi, Can we install java apps extensively on this S40 OS of X2-01.. i want to know the difference between a pure Java OS and S40 OS..

    • Yes u can but make sure the resolution 320X240 is supported by that App..

      Or else download the appropriate one..

      As far as differences are concerned, the S40 OS is based on J2ME like any other Java based OS.. So there should be no issues running Java apps

  9. Aaron said:

    Whai is the quantity of X2-01 in a cartoon or box

    is it 20 25 or what in a cartoon

    I will like to know


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