Have you been wondering if there is a comfortable notification solution for your mobile phones while at home or work ? i have got one for you. It’s the Universal mobile stand from Clingo.

It’s a compact solution for a sticky stand that uses the amazing clingo technology. Its a non sticky adhesive and can hold a reasonable amount of weight like mobile phones, no peel, re-usability guaranteed. Take it along in your pocket unfold it and use it as a stand anywhere. More snaps of the stand and its usage scenarios :

The adhesive parts

Patent pending tech

Ur mobile phone sticks here

The base


How i used it :

Mainly i used it as a stand up notification alert. Half the time i used to miss out some important calls or texts when i am at work or busy blogging. But when using this stand, it is always in my field of view and hence am alerted by all the notification that come across. Also , since it is very pocketable, the stand, i took it to my work too, it surely brought some curious looks but people were amazed by the clingo tech when i showed them the glue doesn’t stick permanently.Also i used it a few times to make handsfree conversations when at home. Overall its a nify utility for your desk.

I got this from Mobilefun.co.uk. You might want to check them out, also , some cool products they have :

Blackberry Torch Accesories

Apple iphone 4 Stand

MicroSIM adapter and stand case for iPhone 4

Thumbies for the iPod/ iPhone

Check out their site for Sim-free mobile phones and other great accessories.

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