Yes, you saw it right, i am talking about the Windows phone Platform. Because of the recent #NokMsft deal, i have now started concentrating some WindowsPhone stuff in which i used to be very measely interested in. But that aside, there’s a shocking news for new developers wanting to hop onto the Windows Phone ecosystem which is gaining a lot of traction due to the partership.

MarketPlace doesn’t allow devs to distribute their apps using an open license. More commonly, there is no chance for a developer to distribute his code under a GNU license or any other equivalent license, which MS call an “Excluded license”.And it’s crazier when we know Microsoft itself has contributed to open source software , the Hypocrisy. All this is visible in the Application requirements section available in the Microsoft website itself.One more big blow is, even if you want to develop a closed source app, there cannot be any open source libraries used in your creation, Bummer !!

Nokia, a supporter of open philosophies has joined this specific ecosystem, which refuses the same. It would be interesting to see how this pans out, can Nokia pressurize Microsoft to be more open ?

For more tech details on this, read : Thinq


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