It is very fashionable these days to have such titles on a mobile/gadget blog, no ? 🙂

So,I was browsing through the internet after some long time since my PC had gone haywire ,refused to boot while the internet experience on my ipod or the N8 proved to be dissatisfactory. While reading one of my favorite blogs, engadget , i figured they had gone overboard on some posts, so, i decided to write my own rant here 🙂

So, first lets talk about Engadget,

1. They pissed all over the symbian PR 1.1 update.

Their take is ” we want portrait qwerty, better browser , blah blah blah.. but we want everything NOW ” .

For a simple clarification , Nokia told everyone clearly that they will bring portrait split qwerty with swype, new browser along with 50 new features to the symbian OS with PR 2.0, i repeat PR 2.0. can u see any number similar to 1 present there ? But our great nokia basher at engadget, the obvious of all trolls, Mr.Vlad savov seemed to think it was coming in PR 1.1, why ? He is also the same idiot who didn’t know the Nokia N8 had a two step camera shutter button. oh, well what can we do.

I partly blame Nokia too, they has never delivered promptly anything, they delayed N8, delaying E7, i know its for the best experience, but they dont know how impatient a consumer can become.Also, i happened to look at the Nokia conversations post for PR 1.1 changelog,  it was pathetic, i want Nokia to fire whoever is responsible for documenting symbian strengths, weaknesses. Come on, is quickoffice zooming and accepting meetings from e-mails worthy of a changelog document ?

The PR 1.1 changelog should have read ” Brings baseline improvements to stability and performance” That’s it.

2.The other breaking news at engadget was the MicroKia post.

It seems thay have an insider telling them that Nokia may adopt WP7 on their hardware. All these speculations and Rumors are flying all around the internet because of a single comment from Stephen Elop ” we will try to build , catalyze or join an ecosystem” (the sentence may not be correct but you get the context right ?) This is what started everything, yet again.And obviously trollboys caught the huge flame bait and started spreading superb rumors that Nokia and WP7 are going in for a major thing.

They might actually be going for a major collab, i mean, why not ? But, we do not know what it is,yet, and we can’t just pass derogatory comments like “Meego is the biggest joke in the tech industry and they should adopt WP7 instead, and reduce their R&D costs” This comment was supposedly from an analyst called Adnaan from some analyst company(Trolls inc. perhaps ?). I was very surprised that it got picked up by Business Insider,but i was not very surprised by it being picked by Gizmodo though,we all know they are veterans in hating Nokia. Coming to Adnaan,Is he really an analyst ? i mean,i can’t even remotely imagine why an analyst would write so irrationally, bashing an incomplete OS. I know its taking time, Nokia and Intel, or any other company wouldn’t want an unfinished software out in the market, right ? But if you look at history, apple, google, microsoft and even Nokia with symbian,have made that mistake. Isn’t it good for Nokia to wait and release a final product ?

And now the collabaration between microsoft and nokia, first it was our dear eldar who broke news that Nokia may adopt WP7, totally baseless it was, then it was constantly in the blogosphere rumors that it might happen, until Elop’s ecosystem comments arrived on Nokia’s earnings conference call ,  every blog now has a post about it.What i suggest to everyone is, WAIT, let’s wait till 11th to know what Nokia’s future is. Till then we can speculate, but never pass judgements, because anything can happen ! Don’t make a fool of yourself by posting crazy suggestions , rumors and predictions. It may get you page views for now, but in the long run your viewers will think you are a fool.

I am in no position to judge what’s going to happen on 11th, and i certainly don’t have any (supposedly)insider info to make up stories. All i wanna do is sit back, relax ,and watch the show 🙂

On a side note : Wondering why i made this title and the image above ? well , have you seen films with totally different posters while actual films are not like what you imagined with the poster?, i tried to achieve this. Did i ?

Hope i made this post short enough .Lots of stuff still in my mind,Hope i will get back to full fledged news reporting soon, and slowly back to normal blogging. Again , hope 🙂

Comments on: "May i join some Nokia mudslinging ? please ?" (2)

  1. Gilma said:

    a different perspective, but a gr8 one nonetheless… makes us all think twice before getting all judgemental… but doesn’t nokia have to portray some sorta credibility to the amount of money they (claim to) have spent on R&D? well i do hope their software woes end soon… considering all those american rednecks behind nokia for no reason…

    • Thanks for the comment.

      About the R&D costs :

      80% of it goes to infrastructure related costs, meaning, Nokia are not only a phone manufacturer, (hint : Nokia Siemens networks) They develop the latest networks for our mobile consumption and a huge chunk of that effort needs/eats 80 % of the R&D budget. They are the no.1 r&d spender in the world and own most of the world’s networks with competitors in motorola,Ericcsson and Qualcomm.

      About Americans/internet media :

      American don’t really know the world, they are very distorted in reality and since their internet media is huge, and most inmportantly talks an universal language : English, their reach is unimaginable. hence, they have lots of sheep following them. You know how it spreads. The Nokia situation is more like pictured ‘bad’, i accept it is ‘bad’ but not as ‘bad’ as they project.

      If you have really read my long reply and reached here, i am surprised !! 😀

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