The above interesting photo is from the recent intel conference where one of intel’s top dogs, Anand Chandrashekher is supposedly flaunting a medfield soc based prototype smartphone.

Before you start wondering what I am blabbering about, am talking about intel’s next generation SoC, meaning intel’s biggest entry into the mobile phone space , obviously with nokia as the partner and meego being the platform. Why I am sure of this is? because no other popular mobile phone os can run on x86 hardware.

Let’s come to how it looks, it definitely looks like a droid to me 😀 especially looks like a droid x with visible touch buttons in the bottom. But we all know android is not capable of running on x86 hardware . So, my conclusion based on it’s looks is probably a Nokia made prototype (maybe n9-01) just for testing out the soc .

And the ui is pretty pixelated if we try to zoom in so, I will reserve judgement for that. Well if we go by timing, it is perfectly apt for nokia to launch n9 with medfield SoC on 13th at Barcelona . But we know nothing, don’t we ?

The most sane thing to do would be to wait for a few weeks to actually know the true story . Till then it’s my job to speculate and rekindle my fanboyism for Nokia.

P.S I have been really busy lately and I blame myself for the abysmal scarcity of posts in January , I hope to post normally in February . Also, this is my first post from my iPod touch(PC is down 😦 ) kindly forgive me if there are formatting issues.

Finally I would like you to share your thoughts too, you can have conversations with me over twitter (@bharadc23) or you can always post comments 🙂


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