Nokia Big screen is a beta app available on Nokia Beta Labs now available for all HDMI out supporting Symbian^3 devices like the Nokia N8 and the yet-to-be-released Nokia E7.

Nokia Big Screen

Before starting to blabber my thoughts, i will answer some FAQs

1. What does it do ?

A: After you install this app, whenever you plug the HDMI adapter to your phone, the app automatically starts. There are two faces for this app, one is on the HDTV and other is on the touch screen. The HDTV displays the media centre app in 720p while the touch screen turns into a directional remote. If you are not getting what i say, there is a clear video after the break to explain that.

2. Where can i get this app ?

A: You can get the app here and don’t forget, you should have a Nokia account to download this app.

3. What are the advantages ?

A: Your Symbian^3 device turns into a media centre, plays movies,music,slideshows in a fancy way. Movies display subtitles, Music shows lyrics if available, and of course the photo library can do a nice slideshow. And you can control everything wirelessly if you have a Wii controller or any other Bluetooth device that supports HID.So, the advantage you get is showing off your media to an audience while relaxing in your couch.

If you have any more questions don’t be shy to shoot it at me in the comments section 🙂

Head on after the break for my impressions and a video preview.

My video preview/explanation :

My Impressions :

When this app got released in beta labs, i didn’t even think twice before downloading. Reason ? I am a regular user of the HDMI out on my Nokia N8. And i was actually intrigued by this particular application , because it was very different in terms of usability. I am a big fan of the media centre application on the Windows platform and also a XBMC user. So, this app, for me is like media freedom when my PC gives problems(regularly happens cos i tinker too much). I remember one day, when i extensively used only my N8 along with USB mouse and the HD monitor as my PC, while my real PC was giving me the finger. I used it for media extensively,although the experience was really good, i thought, why not a media centric app which can do everything ? that’s what Nokia has done, that too innovatively by using the touch screen as a remote.

The positives :

UI is really sweet with nice transitions all around, eye-pleasing colors. Great performance(very snappy) and extra tid bits like subtitle and lyrics support. Theoretically good connectivity options through Bluetooth (i am yet to test it out though). Nice notifications (maemo style green ribbon).5.1 support through HDMI.Other pleasant stuff like playing music while browsing your photos, enhances your experience.

The Negatives:

Though this is a beta app,i have to complain to improve it, there are a lot of functionalities missing in the music player, there is no shuffle option, nor a playlist option you get to play only the music you select.And i also hope photos load faster in the first trial itself.

Currently i am sort of satisfied with this app, hoping that Nokia will make it better and open the HDMI for developers to make use of it more creatively 🙂


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