Leaks, as we know are extremely speculative and stir up the blogosphere like crazy, and in times(trade shows,MWC,CES) like these it grows manifolds. So, i am starting this new feature on my blog to showcase numerous leaks in a nutshell so that you don’t miss all the fun.

This week, the consumer electronic show is happening in Las vegas, U.S.A!! and my favorite gadget blog Engadget is the official blog of CES.So you can guess how overloaded my brain is gonna be. ok now let’s get to the leaks.

Read on to find out what we have in store for this week

The most important leak of this week :

Actually this has been leaked before, but its getting clearer now and this device is getting launched soon, so i thought this is the most important one. It’s the Sony ericcsson ANZU/X12 that has been leaked a few times, now called the Xperia Arc, that may launch in few days during the CES.

Xperia Arc

The rumored specs are 4.2 inch 854X480 screen,super slim( if you can see the image above you might already know that ), 1 Ghz snapdragon(single core),Gingerbread,8 megapixel snapper with back illuminated sensor and HD video recording(720p or 1080p ?) and many more details to come. in the meantime you can watch these two videos to engulf yourselves into the Arc.

And this video features the brilliant bravia( ha, the branding from TVs ) display that is present in the Arc

For some more pics visit the source links.

Source Gagadget , Engadget

Second most interesting leak is a Nokia Device( its been a long time ain’t it ? ) Picasa camera samples of the Nokia E6-00 surfaced yesterday confirming the existence of a device by that name. Then suddenly today, the UAprofile leaks. It has now become customary of Nokia to leak the UA profile of the web browser.Now, yesterday’s camera samples showed that the camera was 8 MP fixed focus and the device is of the E-Series family, but today’s leak was huge, let me point out the rumored specs :

An ARM processor(very generic,not sure what its gonna be) Symbian^3 with QWERTY ( possible touch and type genre ) 640X480 resolution ( twice the QVGA = VGA ) and browser is a new version (7.3). So my guesses are :

A 3 inch display with great PPI, possibly the same hardware as N8 ,Symbian^3 with new enhancements(due in a week for all S^3 devices) , 8 MP EdoF camera unit with dual LED flash.

This is what i think of the rumored Nokia E6-00. Here’s the UAprofile . For photos of the UAprofile and camera samples, check the source link.

Source MyNokiaBlog

The last and the least important leak for the time being is an iPad 2 case with a mockup ipad made of machined aluminium inside that case ! The case has been leaking for a while in china now, but those were thought of being fake but now this accessory has cropped up in CES. Usual features of the case include a carving for both front and rear facing camera and a slightly bigger size with a thin bezel,also includes a full keyboard and an extra opening for speakers.This is what the folks at engadget gathered.Have a look at the case and if you want more, visit the source link.

Source Engadget

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