BH-905i and some accessories

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 This is a post about my final thoughts on the Nokia BH-905i.

Before you start reading this, just make sure you have read these :- BH-905i Unboxing , BH-905i First impressions , Active Noise cancellation feature.

Just a foreword, the BH-905i is a stereo Bluetooth headset from Nokia, in the top-end range. So, this is probably the costliest offering from Nokia in this department. But are they justifying the price ?

Read on to find it out.

Ok, lets start with appearance. I feel the BH-905i looks classy, it is made of plastic,leather, foam(for ear cushion and head rest) and some bits of shiny aluminum look-alike plastic.  The looks are very good and gets the onlookers interested especially when you wear it around the neck.Now, with appearance being positive, come to the feel of the device. The device feels bit heavy, but not too bad considering it packs a lithium battery and whole lot other circuitry. The plastic is well molded but quality?  i dont know i am bit on the negative side for this. Coming to the buttons, even though they are placed nicely, they give a very cheap feel when you are pressing them. Its like clicking a button on a 1$ gadget, it could have been better in my opinion.I have a question. how do you recognize its a Nokia ? well,its inscribed on an aluminum plate at the top of the headset. Bling!

Snazzy,eh ? its inscribed on both the ear piece face plates too. All of the headset screams ” I am a Nokia “.

After examining the outer part, let’s get to the other side. The foam filled ear piece and head rest are just a pleasure, and hence the feeling is very comforting. The best part about the earpiece foam is , it is like a plush toy, so soft and so cushioned that, you never regret having the headset on your head, the head rest foam also is very soft and sits nicely on your head.If you are thinking how the ear cushion might sit on your ears, i can assure you it sits perfectly around your ears and don’t even think of sound leakage, cos it doesn’t happen.I think overall we can sum up the comfort level as “very luxurious”

Soft ear cushion

Now,coming to flexibility. I think this is one of the very few bluetooth headsets that will suit any type of head. For example, mine is a large one and the extensions helped me gain the exact position where i wanted it to be. Perfect placing for anyone, there is also a swivel kind of setup for the ear piece parts. So, overall it is very flexible and can suit any type of head.

Swivel type ear pieces

The BH-905i has major controls on the right ear piece, it has a multifunctional button(attend/cut calls, use bass boost/stereo widening, power off/on and pairing switch), play-pause,forward, rewind buttons, and volume control.Also it has a 2.5mm jack and a Bluetooth indicator LED. The left ear face plate is bare bones but beneath the faceplate is the ANC switch, charging input and a notification LED for the former two. So, as far as controls are concerned, these are pretty much it.Have a look :

Also all the sides of the headset have a microphone grill. These contain an array of mics that are used for two purposes : normal voice input for calling and also, the active noise cancellation which happens during calls too.For an extended read on the ANC feature, go here.

Multi-Array microphone Grill

Now that the description is over, let us see what the accessories have for us. First, the travel case.


Travel case

The travel case is a big leather card boarded accessory that lets you safely transport and store your headset during travel. It is a zip- locked case and has a nice handle for convenience and also a nifty kangaroo pouch on the back( which actually covers the rounded holes that let air in for the case ) I find the case useful only during travel and a good one at that. Inside the pouch is a carved space for the headset to sit nicely and there’s a bonus pouch which has some goodies in it.

Accessory pouch

This pouch has the charger and some useful accessories( geeky audiophile stuff ) like conversion jacks et al. Am not gonna dig too deep in this. But to present you a case scenario for the accessories, i used the wired adapter for the BH-905i which connects to any device having a 3.5mm jack. The wire originates from the 2.5mm jack of the headset now making it work as a wired headset.


Accessory CA-143 U

Like the above, there are plenty of accessories given inside the pouch, each serving different purposes. An extender, a 6.5mm converter , a dual headset adapter.. etc. Nokia just made sure it didn’t miss out on extra stuff, thereby trying to justify the price. Here are snaps of the accessories all combined :



If you are too keen on knowing how they work,you can refer to Nokia’s awesome User Guide.It has detailed explanations on how everything works, please do refer to it if you have ANY doubts regarding the BH-905i.

Conclusion :

After trialing it for a few weeks, i was completely blown away by the comfort of this headset,hence the post titled ” Luxury on your head “. Every word of the title is true. Luxury demands a price, and of course it is high, do you really get any luxury that is cheap ?

Now since we now brand it as a luxury device, we expect more don’t we ? That’s why you get a huge amount of accessories, great travel case and an overall great experience with the device. The overall experience includes Pros like good connectivity(wireless tech,call options),great sound quality(with bass boost and stereo widening), very long battery life( literally charged only once in 3 weeks ), flexibility, and luxury. However there are also cons like button quality and of course,the price.And also a nifty FM radio would have been a nice addition.

The target audience : People who have no compromises to quality and options.

The Gadgetbuff likes it and recommends it heavily to the target audience.Remember people, the BH-905i can do a LOT of stuff and does it amazingly well.

Final words : If you want the luxury of comfort, the luxury of options, the luxury of dependability, you can blindly choose the BH-905i which truly is a luxury on your head.

This review is totally my opinion, and i really thank @WOMWorldnokia for providing me this opportunity to express myself to the world about this device.



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