True caller, an amazing app that gets you info on unknown callers ( like location, country etc ). While this is the main functionality there are lots of added advantages too.

Quoted from their website :

Social Caller ID see your Facebook and LinkedIn friends latest status message and profile picture on incoming/outgoing calls
Caller ID+ by sharing your address book information with other CallerID+ users we can now support CallerID service for all countries in the world! It´s only possible to make a lookup on incoming calls and requires you to opt-in share.
Call Filter – mark numbers as spam and get notified or block them from calling you
Update phonebook with missing information
SMS-Popup shows you a preview of the incoming SMS and who the sender is
Tweet your incoming/outgoing calls with TrueCaller directly to your Twitter
Name and number search in more than 27 countries
Maps and directions

Thats a lot if you ask me. Now go ahead and DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Changelog is after the break and the interesting part, too is after the break, read on :

This is the changelog :

– Supporting new functionality that will be announced in January 2011 *BIG THING COMING UP*
– Improved number lookup speed
– Minor UI changes in manual search field
– Better support for Symbian^3 (Nokia N8, E7, C7)
– Bug fixes
– Dutch language added (Thanks Nick!)
– Finnish language added (Thanks to all you guys at

Did you see that new BIG FUNCTIONALITY ? coming in January 2011 ? which so happens to co-incide with the 50 feature addition to Symbian^3 ? Well , True caller supports THAT functionality now itself and will be revelaed only when the FW Update changelog hits the interwebz.

So, what do you think it is ? Leave your creative responses in the comments section below 🙂


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