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Here is an easy-to-understand tutorial for jailbreaking your ps3 and run backed-up games onto your PS3.

First, you need to understand some basics of hacking.
The ps3 runs a firmware(FW) which might have version numbers like 3.15, 3.41, 3.42, 3.50 and so on, each having their respective security updates. So to hack your ps3, you should mandatorily have the 3.41 FW. (Just recently the 3.50 spoof has been released to support some of the latest games like assassin’s creed brotherhood and Black ops- but in essence they’re still the 3.41 FW SPOOFING the 3.50 FW). So even if you have the 3.50 FW in your ps3, pls make sure you downgrade to 3.41. As of now, i’m not giving the tutorial on downgrading, which is a process unto itself, but i will give the basic tutorial to run your own back-up games on your ps3(assumption – 3.41FW).

Read on to find out detailed steps.

-> Jailbreak Devices, PSgroove , PSfreedom:

They are basically devices that have programmable memory, where you can load your custom hex files(or payloads) to run 3rd party packages(like open backup manager.pkg etc) on your ps3. They are necessary to override the ps3’s FW everytime the system boots – note that these devices need to connected to the ps3 before its switched on.


This was the original open source implementation released for re-programmable boards such as the teensy++,ATMEGA series of microcontrollers and so on.There are several such boards available for you to program and connect as a  jailbreak device( including the Texas Instruments series 84 calculators) but really thats just for people who know how to use them. Basically these devices with the payloads and hex files loaded into their on-board flash memory were able to hack the ps3.

PS JailBreak:

This is a more commercial type product, where pre-programmed controller boards such as ATMEGA series have been bundled in pen-drive like casings and sold as dongles. Popular brands include Ps3Key, Ps3Break, E3CardReader etc. This presents a more convenient usage for the buyer and if brought from trusted sources, can be prove to be very economical and easy for future updates. (They cost about $20 – $30 and are the size of a thumbdrive).


Another open source solution for hacking your PS3. Similar to PSGroove, PSFreedom has been ported to many mobile and other portable devices ‚ÄĒ a wide selection of HTC phones, iPhones and iPods, Dingoos, and probably others. (Android Phone support on the way).

-> Payloads and Hex files:

A basic explanation would be that these are the files necessary to override the existing FW settings that the ps3 loads every time you switch it on. They are the files that help run unsigned code or even package files. The popular ones    are the Hermes(v4 latest) , PL3, kakaroto payloads.

It is advisable that you have either of the aforementioned devices along with the payloads loaded onto them. A PS3 Jailbreak device or simply, the Dongle would already have the payloads in it. Except you may need to update them (if necessary) to run certain games. The Hermes v4 payload with 3.50 spoof with PSN support is the latest release which lets you play some games which have a 3.50 FW check(as it spoofs the ps3 into thinking its on 3.50).

-> Backup Manager:

They are nothing but package files(of the format .pkg files) which help backup games from bd-dvd to int HDD of PS3, ext HDD to int HDD , run Homebrew Apps    etc. Popular mangers are Gaia Manager(v1.4 latest), Open Manager(2.1 with stealth is latest), Open Backup Manager(earliest one). You need to have these applications downloaded from the net, and pasted into the root directory of your ext HDD(say РH:).

-> Procedure to download, copy(downloaded game from PC->external hdd->internal hdd of the PS3) and install games/Homebrew apps on PS3:

  1. Assuming you have already backed up your game on a HDD.lets take and example, the game “Read Dead Redemption”.
  2. The game folder would be like BLESxxxx or BLUSxxxx . Even the first 4 letters are not important and its used to find the region(US-USA and ES-europe).
  4. So use a partitiong software such as GParted, Partition Manager( I’d Suggest EASEUS PArtition Manager Home Edition as it easily Partitions hdd sizes of >200gb into FAT3 and can be accessed in your very own Windows¬†¬†¬†¬† Operating¬† System.Although GParted is very comprehensive too but requires booting the setup from the boot screen).
  5. Now copy the game onto the Ext HDD. Here you’ll hit a wall!!
  6. As some games don’t have even a single file more than 4gb , they’ll transfer without any pain onto the fat32 partition you just created. But many other games have files >4gb. So either use a splitting software which splits the >4gb¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† file into smaller ones. In my example Read Dead Redemption has a 6 gb file i guess. So it needs to be split before it can be copied.
  7. Software for splitting : Safeimg 0.1.1 or OpenSplit 1.2.
  8. I’ve used both to split many games and i can assure you they work fine.
  9. once they are done splitting, they create(in my case) 6 , 1gb files(as they always split into 1gb files).
  10. Now copy the entire folder i.e. BLESxxxx or whatever(with the split files contained within). Paste it onto the EXT HDD like so. (say) H:/GAMEZ/BLESxxxx. H: is the directory of the ext HDD , GAMEZ- name of the folder created in            which all games will be detected by the backup manager.
  11. Now switch off your PS3( unplug power cable for slim PS3 or switch the turn-off button on the phat PS3), insert the jailbreak device,(in my case, the dongle), put the cable back on, press the power button followed by the eject            button in quick succesion, observe the red light glow and eventually turn        into Green light. Your PS3 is now running under hacked mode.
  12. Under the Game option in the PS3’s XMB(Cross Media Bar- Gui of the PS3) you will find an option called install package files. Go in and install any manager you like.
  13. Now launch (say) Gaia Manager->put an original game disc(recommended but not necessary for most games if updated payloads exist)-> connect the ext hdd via USB -> press O to copy game from ext HDD onto int HDD. The manager itself          does the merging of split files as it has inbuilt merge/split facilities.
  14. Wait for a few mins. Once copy is over, pull out the USB cable of the ext HDD and press X to launch the game. Screen comes back to XMB-> Launch game by selecting the disc icon. Play and enjoy Game.


So i guess you have learnt well. Now , you can ask the help of google to download the stuff mentioned above.Or you can always ask in the comments section with your real email id so i can reply to your queries.

See you soon with some more game related news,how-to and reviews.

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