The Nokia N8, the phone that i own currently has been the favorite for the PR guys at Nokia. They did many novel things by promoting it through the Tron movie, made a short film using it called the commuter and also made sure it was a part of a huge campaign like for example, locally in India, was the N8 urban spree blogger photo shoot. Now they are doing a similar thing by announcing today, a new competition in which you can actually win a flight trip to Florida and experience a zero gravity shuttle trip.

A video has been posted on Vimeo as an advertisement to this competition be sure to check it out here.

Read on for more.

Details are best illustrated by this pic:


Submit your idea to win a trial N8

The prize is , like i said , a full paid trip for you and your friend(can nominate one person to come along with you) to florida with events including a zero-g flight trip and much more.


Interested in participating? click here. And get your ideas into a video using the Nokia N8 πŸ™‚

Important links : (see for full details)

Zero G flight

Terms and conditions

So, there you go, a creative contest that may take you to florida πŸ™‚ .

I am participating, are you ?

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