You know TAT(The Astonishing Tribe), the awesome guys responsible for the amazing concept UIs ? like this Velvet concept and the 2D-3D horizon maps ?

RIM acquires TAT

They(the TAT) have been, confirmed today, bought by none other than RIM, the makers of the blackberry devices. and why ? of course to re-invent their UI with some snazzy concepts by TAT. And with the potential of playbook looming large, RIM are definitely going on the right path in regards to the UI part.Hopefully we should get some nice UI that sweeps you right off your feet.And also, beware iPad, your competitor is coming with a new UI ( the playbook )

Fingers crossed, like i have said earlier and now am saying it again, 2011 is THE year for Smartphones/Mobile computers.Its gonna be awesome.

Source Blackberry Blog

Meanwhile check out some cool TAT videos after the break.


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