Samsung Mobiles India has launched three new Bada OS running phones, they are part of the Wave series of phones.

They have launched three namely Wave 525 ( wave 2 ) , wave 533 (wave 2 pro) and wave 723 .

Read on to find more details.


Wave 2


Wave 2 Specs :

3.2 inch 400×240 tft display with a capacitive screen. 3.2 megapixel camera, bluetooth,Wifi,Gps and everything else you need except 3G. It costs just Rs.8800 /-

This can be considered the Bada version of the Android running galaxy 3. And it is incredibly cheaper than galaxy 3 sans 3G.


Wave 2 pro

The Wave 2 pro is the qwerty based version of the Wave 2.

Now here comes the best of the lot, the Wave 723


Wave 723

This is the surprise winner, it has a 3.2 inch Super Amoled screen , all the usual suspects like wifi, bluetooth,3G,Gps and, it has a 5 megapixel shooter with LED flash and Auto focus. All these features just for Rs.13,500 and it will be much lesser in retail shops. I think this phone is gonna sell crazy at this price. Samsung is doingits best to drive down the costs for amazing hardware at amazing prices.

If you dont care what OS runs in a device and are looking for a premium touch experience, Go for this Wave 723.

Via Fone Arena


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