We all know, X10 has a capacitive screen but no multi touch.If you ask why,Sony Ericsson will say that the hardware is not capable of multi-touch.

But,finally, after listening to so many disheartened fans of X10 , they have finally found a work around(a new driver) to sort of enable multi touch which enables pinch to zoom importantly in Google maps and other apps like photos, and even in Angry birds. However this update will be available only during the first quarter of 2011, thats what folks at the Sony Ericsson blog say.I Wish it had come along with the 2.1 update.But , better late than never.

One more thing to note is , this implementation is not so perfect and causes weird things to happen when the X-axis and Y-axis of the digitizer come close.You can see that in this video :

And you cannot use the multi-touch tapping for games, so , there are no chances of you playing a football game or a fps style game on the X10. Bummer , eh  ? But, for all you X10/SE fans out there, something is better than nothing.

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