Gaming on the iOS is never silent, day to day, they launch some great title and all of them are somewhat unique.

Now, these are not unique but EPIC. I mean i am amazed by the power of the hardware and how they have exploited it.Famous game-makers, Epic and id software have each released a game that takes advantage of the new GPU in the Apple A4. 

Id software has launched the Mutant bash TV game that s based on the awesome rage engine for iOS. Its graphically spectacular you should have a look at it. They are right now selling the standard version at 0.99 $ and the retina display version at 1.99$.Quite a steal i would say. But you know it is not a complete FPS, you are on rails and shooting zombies.

RAGE engine demo
And you all must have downloaded the epic citadel demo for iOS , right ?
Now, a game has been launched on that graphically stunning engine and it is available right now in the App store as Infinity Blade. Just have a look at this trailer and then , i would recommend, BUY iT !!

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