USP of the Nokia N8

“The Nokia N8, most certainly the best cameraphone ever.” This is what most of the U.S blogs said when they reviewed the N8.

I was certainly impressed by the camera, and am still impressed by its performance, especially in low-light situations. Be it either a still photo or a video, the N8 just amazes me.

I was out with my friends in elliots beach, chennai, and i wanted to test the camera without firing the flash and see how it performs in low – light.

So, here it goes, all the photos are taken in auto mode with/without flash. All photos have some blurriness thanks to my hands being shaky all the time. However  am presenting you the normal point and shoot scenario.No tripods, only hands and all photos were taken casually with no efforts to stabilize hand 🙂

All photos have been resized to 1/4th for the blog’s sake.

Without flash :

Evening shot at Elliot's beach


Ice cream , anyone ?

Taken with full zoom


A curious Saon Papdi buyer

What do you think of this photo ?

Fortune telling on the shores of chennai

Wanna check your weight on that miniature UFO ? 😛

Too shaky but still managed well enough

Three shadows of tallness

And now some photos taken with flash, which obviously have no shake thanks to high shutter speed and XENON flash.

Assorted Bajjis

Plaintain Bajji

Onion Bajji

And thats me after eating all that

And finally one photo that i cautiously wanted to stabilize and shoot but still got blur, the ice cream vehicle, again :

Ice cream , again

From the above photos i can infer these things :

* The Nokia N8 is very good at low light situations, but some shake is unavoidable if taken without flash.

* The noise levels are not too low, but details are captured well and XENON flash is awesome.

* May be with a tripod and night mode on, it can perform better ? Got to test..

From the above photos that were taken very casually with no preparedness, you can get a clear idea of how the N8 will handle low light situations.

Shower your comments below if you have any ideas,opinions,suggestions,rants or anything for the fact…

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