Research in motion has announced the SDK and the Playbook simulator for their new to-be-released Tablet Playbook.


As you know already, i had reported that the Playbook comes with Qt.

So, now RIM announced the SDK for Adobe AIR platform, which was recently updated to support all the mobile-related API stuff.Adobe AIR platform, as you might know is already supported in Android.It would be very interesting to see how the playbook manages to run the Air apps, but be sure of one thing, lots of twitter clients are/will be available for the Playbook soon. Tweetdeck, anyone ? And with the simulator, we can actually see in real-time, what our Apps would like on the Playbook.

PR after the break.

From press release we can see some interesting bits like :

Building the Best Flash/AIR Applications for Tablet Computing

RIM has designed the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR to allow developers to leverage the uniquely powerful capabilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook and Adobe AIR 2.5 to build industry-leading applications that provide a distinctly compelling experience for BlackBerry PlayBook users. The new SDK provides developers with support for:

* Hardware-accelerated playback of video and graphics-intensive content, both in the browser and within AIR applications, enabling a smooth, high fidelity viewing experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook, even with up to 1080p HD content
* Web View to enable AIR apps to display HTML and Flash content and to leverage the BlackBerry PlayBook’s WebKit browser
* UI components that have been built specifically for the touch screen experience on a tablet device, including support for multi-touch and gestures
* Powerful APIs to advanced features such as the front and rear facing cameras, accelerometer, geo-location, in-app payments and more
* Application notifications, which allow developers to bring events generated by AIR applications immediately to the user’s attention, even if the application is running in the background
* Seamless communication between AIR apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, allowing the creation of “Super App” experiences
* Extending Adobe AIR applications to use native C++ extensions, providing developers with the ability to write part of their application in the BlackBerry Tablet OS’s native code (subject to availability of the upcoming BlackBerry Tablet OS native SDK)
* Porting existing Adobe AIR applications quickly and easily to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Well, aint that interesting ??

And also, we know that Qt is also gonna be unofficially supported by developers who would have by then made some great apps for the Qt platform.

Lets see what more the playbook can do. For now, the 1080p playback catches my eye,  what catches yours ??


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