Steve Jobs, unusually slimmer than ever, announced a bunch of cool stuff today. I will just put it in a concise manner with some pictures.

First, The New iLife’11 :

* new iphoto , features here [ who better than apple to explain the magical new features 😉 ]

* new imovie, features here

* new Garageband , features here

And then, Steve said they shipped 14 million iOS devices with Facetime, “the magical amazing video call implemented for the first time on mobile devices”.And so, they are bringing Facetime to the Mac so that they can add more 10 million users to the Facetime count, allowing apple fans to chat between their own apple products. And the Beta version of Facetime for MAC is available here.

Next, Steve talked about how iOS developed from Mac OS X and then innovations made the iOS efficient and how it got on the ipad. Now, he wants to complete the cycle by taking those iOS innovations onto the Mac OS X.

Enter Mac OS X LION :

The Mac OS X LION brings many new features like :

* New MAC APP Store [same 70-30 split maintained]

* New Apps menu called Launch pad which shows Screens of apps like iPad.

* Full Screen applications like iOS making apps beautiful

* Mission Control is a mashed up form of expose, spaces , dashboard and Launchpad

And the OS will be available by Summer 2011, whereas the Mac APP Store will be available for Snow Leopard within 90 days. More details on Apple Website.

Now, Steve said ” One More Thing” , exciting isn’t it ?

Voila , the new macbook air with two sizes, 13.6 inch and 11.6 inch

13" | 11.6"

With facetime cam 😛


UniBody Construction

11.6″-> 1366×768″]

A Real Time Usage scenario

Sexy !!! And Costly !!!

Cheapest model 11.6 ” with 64 GB storage and 1.4 ghz processor costs 999$ and all models are available for Order today !!

Are you getting one ?

Really cool right ?

But am a bit ticked off on the cost, So, i will continue my tradition of being a proud Indian and I will not buy MacBook Air 😛


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