N8 with Carl zeiss lens



The good chaps at the Nokia Conversations have started a very long and detailed learning session of the N8’s camera that is provided by the Camera Guru Haje Jan Kamps of the very famous photocritic.org blog.

He is going to give tips and tutorials on how to handle the camera accordingly.

Good marketing initiative imho. I will be updating the links on this page now and then, stay tuned for the complete School lessons.

via Nokia Conversations


Video: a professional product shoot

Making your mates look their best

Party photos

Video: Nature Photography

Amazing landscapes

Sharing images online

Video: Photography Inspiration

Finding free software

Three things to edit on every photo

Video: Urban Landscapes

Controlling depth of field for better snaps

Taking a closer look

Video: Street Photography

Back of the net action photos

Photo motion


10 tips for storytelling

Scripting a video shoot

Video: The Multimedia Reporter

Distributing your videos

Editing to music

Video: Making a Music Video

Better lighting for better videos

Capturing your fave band

Video: Action Sequences

Nature vids

Action video shots

Video: Storytelling

8 shots and how to use them

Better dialogue

Video: Hollywood Lighting


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